Tina Walia’s work ethos and creativity make her a prominent name on social media

Tina Walia is an ICBI Certified Image Coach and NABET trainer

Tina Walia is an ICBI Certified Image Coach and NABET trainerTina Walia is an ICBI Certified Image Coach and NABET trainer

The way you carry yourself says a lot about you, your personality, likes, dislikes, and much more. The way you present yourself is the only way for another person to gauge who you are, and like the popular English proverb says ‘the first impression is the last impression.’

Now, if you want to have the last impression of the person you are meeting, it is essential to put in a little effort into how you look. Whether it’s the way you hold your bag, your mobile phone, or a wine glass, everything says a little about you. And if you are wondering how you can groom yourself, then it’s time to take a cue from Tina Walia.

For the uninitiated, Tina Walia is an ICBI Certified Image Coach and NABET trainer who has helped several people enhance not just their personal but professional image. She began her career as a fashion model and then began working as a designer. Along with her husband, Tina is now the founder and director of the celebrated fashion apparel retail store ‘Super Haute Girl’ which is located in the heart of South Delhi.

“During the time of my modelling days,  I came to learn that how you present yourself makes a huge difference. Moreso, how you present yourself gives the other person a detailed understanding of who you are. And unknowingly, we end up showing a weakness. It’s very important to be cautious and smart, especially in the times we currently live in. My only agenda was to help people from my learning,” says Walia

Tina Walia now plans to expand her collection online and make it a one-stop destination for every fashionista. With the primary focus on quality over quantity, she went on to say that the way you dress also plays a very important role in who you are. While her apparel collection has been featured extensively in global magazines and publications like Elle, Cosmopolitan and Femina, Tina has built a strong clientele all over the world.

Being a mother, Tina Walia is unarguably setting an example for all the working women. Giving a piece of advice, she concluded by saying, “If you can dream about it, you can surely achieve it. Why fit in when you have the calibre to stand out? Be who you are and own the fact. You are what you show yourself to the world.” Additionally, she is also the host of an online chatting portal named ‘Sipping Thoughts’ where she creates blogs and videos about fashion, beauty, makeup and film reviews.

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