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Tomer Yosef sheds light on his rise to success as an influencer

Tomer Yosef sheds light on his rise to success as an influencer

Ever since the birth of the internet, the content on the web has tremendously increased which has seen the rise of many content creators. Tomer Yosef is establishing his name as a content creator in Israel who is known for making relatable content as per the audience. Born and raised in Israel, he made a lot of waves for YOSEF NYC – his successful venture.  

Later he came up with his marketing agency named TE Marketing which deals with the top brands and campaigns worldwide. With the rapid growth of the company, Tomer realized his potential and became very passionate to be an entrepreneur. After that, he sold a portion of his company to his business partner and shifted his interest towards the business of advertising which he got inspired by the top media giants of the USA. Following their footsteps, he started his advertising company in Israel named FANSEE TV which is known to bring social engagement to brands and helps in increasing the social media presence of the brands. With this, he also has his online sports show and is the creator of several viral websites in Israel. Besides this, he also has a boutique advertising agency named STARZ that handles few but top brands in the social media domain. 

When asked about his entrepreneurship success, Tomer said, “Audience is the main reason what I am today. It is because of them I have achieved great heights in life. Making and delivering relatable content as per the taste of the audience have always worked tremendously on the digital space and that has always been my main focus.” With having proper knowledge and understanding what content audience is willing to watch, the young influencer is surely climbing his way up to become one of the celebrated content creators soon.

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