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Top 10 literary personalities who are making it big in the world of books

Namita Das It is often said that writing humour is not easy and writers in this genre are quite rare.…

Top 10 literary personalities who are making it big in the world of books

Namita Das

It is often said that writing humour is not easy and writers in this genre are quite rare. Well, looks like author Namita Das is all set to buck this trend and emerge as a promising entry to this rare group of writers.

After making her readers tickle and giggle with her debut humour novella ÂItÂs Punny Oops, I mean Funny! and its short sequel ÂHappily Technically, Ever After!Â, renowned international publisher Ukiyoto Publishing is about to come up with her next novella ÂWho Ate Our Food? This fresh offering also explores the humour genre but this time with a touch of horror. This cocktail of humour and horror is expected to be out soon globally.

Namita continuously keeps in touch with her audience through her blog which has all the updates about her work and book releases.

Piyush Goel

Piyush Goel Mirror Image Writer and writer of World First Hand Write Needle Book Madhushala and as well as Writer of 16 Mirror Image books with hand and with different objects like Pen, Needle, Mehandi Cone, Iron Nail, Carbon Paper , Wooden Pen and Mech Engg, Motivator,Cartoonist, Local Cricket Umpire and my Three Mathematics Papers published in International Research Journal.

Shibani Dash

Shibani Dash is book blogger who have read over approximately 1200 books and believes in escalating her imaginative experiences and knowledge have been enriched diversely through their impact.

She is currently majoring in English Literature and is always fascinated by classic literature,philosophy and Psychology.

Apart from this she is always keen to inspire people to work toward their passion, helping them in personal branding.

She have worked with more than 50 book firm ,book review consultancy and had effortly served content writing, proof reader,editing to many writer and brands.

Writing is something that let make her enjoy the breaths of life and made her voice heard by her significant audience.

Other stuffs that let her moments rejoicing are teaching, singing and storytelling.

She is an educator at Dash Educare helping students boost their academic performance and augment their personality.

Sredhanea Ramkrishnan

Sredhanea Ramkrishnan- A Food technologist by profession and an aspiring author by passion.Sredhanea has written more than 20 blogs in the Coffeelicious publications of Medium. She  Published 7 Self-help articles in magazines like ‘The Infinithoughts’  and is a Freelance content writer for Carty studios. Her Debut historical fiction “THE CORD”  won ‘Best aspiring author’ award from The cherry book awards and ‘The Rising Author of the year’ award by Priya’s wisdom publications,  ÂBudding Author of the year by JEC publications and also nominated for  Best Debut Author by Felicia words Publications.She is a co-host of LOL-Love of  Literature, a podcast for aspiring authors.

Amrita Singh

Amrita is an avid bibliomaniac, book reviewer, compiler, and nano influencer. She reviewed 100+ books within a shorter time. She is working on Content Creation, PR, Strategy, and Campaign management. Holds A Master Degree In English Literature. Her writing was published in the national level magazine. She loved Writing and Expressing her thoughts through poetry and quotes

She fetched a chance to become a co-author of the anthology book and working on few anthologies, She is also a published writer. Winner, of the title future star in the category of the best book reviewer organized by Cherry Book Awards. Also, obtain the Achievers Award of the year 2021 in the category Poet, Writer, Book Reviewer.

Margesh Rai

After gaining acclaim and worldwide recognition for his two bestselling poetry books, Poetry- A garland of Words and Khushboo Bikherti Pagdandiyan, and receiving Sahityakosh Samman Award 2021, bilingual poet-author Margesh Rai(Margdarshan) is on cloud nine. His unique, different writing style, along with his grip on different forms of writing, helped him evolve as a versatile, refined writer in less than one year of his writing career. Margesh Rai(Margdarshan) is actively working as a content writer. The bestselling author considers his younger brother Amresh Rai as the motivational source in his life. Born on September 1, 1995, in the sacred city of Varanasi, Margesh Rai(Margdarshan) is a nature-loving poet. The author has dedicated both his poetry books- Poetry- A garland of words and Khushboo Bikherti Pagdandiyan to his late father, Shri Shashi Bhushan Rai, whom he lost last year. With multiple projects in the pipeline, the author is here to rock the literary stage.


Miss Shivangi is pursuing Master’s of Art. in English from Lucknow University.

She loves to explore the various aspects of life. Being a Budding Writer, She Dreams to Express her Thoughts and Emotions in a subtle way to bring a change in this World. Apart from Writing, She Wants to Become a Lecturer and Educate the young and aspiring minds to follow their dreams. In her Leisure Time, She Loves to Cook and learn about Different Cuisines. If She wants then ending can be include. She is Passionate about her work and wants to make her mark in the Society.

Yogitha Subhash

Yogitha is from Hyderabad, the city of pearls. She has worked for MNC company as a HR and currently preparing for UPSC and Telangana police. Her Goal is to serve our Nation because she believes ” Desh ki sewa se bada koi aur dharam nahi hota”. Writing has been always a passion to her and she is the Co author of few anthologies, and also publishing her debut poetry book KAAGAZ AUR SIYAHI which will be launching soon. She believes everyone should have some kind of passion in their life..Goals might introduce you to the world but passion will introduce you to yourself. She wont say its only hardwork which leads to success instead she would say one should have the Zeal to achieve success. Life has given her enough experiences through which she gets motivated. Thats all about her.

Ishani Agarwal

The Co-founder of “Flairs and Glairs Publication” and her Community “Teekhe Zasbaaat”, Ishani Agarwal is a 25yr old girl from the city of Joy, Kolkata.

Her journey from a Writer, to a Co-author, to a Compiler, to a Record Holder, to an Award Winner, to a Solo Author, has been beautiful.

A Compiler of 55+ Anthologies currently, and Co-author for 150+ Books, she is the Author of her title “Hand that Burnt While Healing”.

She holds 8 Indian and World Records in her Name, and more than 10 Awards by various organisations for her writings and compilation.

She has been featured in many Newspapers and Magazines.

She is currently working on her second Book, which she plans to release next year.

Samar Deep Singh

Samar Deep Singh is an Indian Author and resides in New Delhi. His recent novel ÂHow I failed in Love has received a warm response and hit the Âbestseller rank multiple times at Amazon. His new novel ÂLove Guru connection talks about love and the Âweb of relationships. He is also working on two other titles – ÂLast days of romance and ÂLove at the edge of divorce. 

The moment you feed your heart with one cravingÂ.it craves for another extra mile!

SheÂs not just a body or a woman…she is a feeling…enmeshed with love and bundled with emotions. DonÂt dare to understand her…justÂbe in love with such a beautiful creation that God has sent as an angel into our lives!

ÂLove Guru was quite right……never ever curse the rain! I will ask him about the snowfall someday! Aunt Rosie murmured a little but she was quite audible to me.

Kiara, an innocent middle-town girl from Ajmer was caught red-handed by the police at the sun-burn nightclub while partying hard with office colleagues. She even lost her job and got stranded in the frustrating long spell of Mumbai rains. She decided to get back to Ajmer after multiple setbacks ravaging her life. 

Her life took a U-turn when she met handsome Love Guru aka Kabir, a radio jockey at FM headquarters in Mumbai. She has found solace in Aunt RosieÂs friendly overtures and Love GuruÂs perfect crazy solutions while solving for the listeners stuck at their puzzled love life, at his show. KiaraÂs life took a roller coaster ride with nostalgic feelings and a vibrant hue of emotions.

She found strength and inspiration to fight back against the monstrous slowdown, awry spell of rain turning into a nightmare at first but an inspiration later on. She has matured enough amidst the love stories that happened around her.

Special Mention – Ka’Ron Gaines

Ka’Ron Gaines is a proud father, author of Woke Seed Book, activist and entrepreneur. He has founded many initiatives which are successfully running all around the world. Apart from all this, he is also a recording artist and a talented artist. The amount of love that he has received from India especially after the release of his book is unprecedented and something that he admits to have not been expecting till some months back.

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