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Top 5 fashion Designing Courses Available at JD Institute

JD Institute of Fashion Technology has been a reputable Institution/College for Fashion and Interior Designing since 1988. It is a…

Top 5 fashion Designing Courses Available at JD Institute

JD Institute of Fashion Technology has been a reputable Institution/College for Fashion and Interior Designing since 1988. It is a Govt. Recognised and offers Certified courses. 

Joining a Fashion Design course from JD Institute will give you many opportunities to quickly adapt yourself in the fashion industry. Fashion Designing is fast-paced and constantly evolving and exactly the reason why JD Institute offers various courses in this very field for learners. It will not only help you enhance your skills or talents but rigorously prepare you and boost your overall confidence to make a mark in the fashion world.

Here are some of the courses available in JD Institute:

  1. Fashion Design And Garment Management

The bachelor degree in Fashion Design & Garment Management is a three year course that enables the learners to develop their unique styles to pave their way through the future in the fashion world.

  • In the first year, learners are introduced to the fashion world, the evolution of clothes, basics of the basics, the importance of design, technicalities and specificities. During this year, learners are familiarised with the art of foundation and illustrations.
  • Second year intensifies the basics. You will learn about drafting, sewing machines, making of garments, yarn craft, advanced classes in textiles and dyeing, fashion illustration with a design project and CAD.
  • The third-year involves studies on detailed Pattern Making, Garment Manufacturing Technology, Fashion Forecast, Merchandising and Entrepreneurship development.
  1. M.Sc. In Fashion Design

The Masters of Science in Fashion Design is a two-year course that will help learners to enhance their skills in the areas of Fashion Design that involves creativity, ingenious designs, construction of garments, advanced draping and design communication.

  • This program includes technological studies alongside the design process and establishing a brand.
  • The course strives to enable learners to channel artistic nature to real-life project development.
  1. Diploma in Garment Manufacturing and Fashion Design

Garment Manufacturing and Fashion Design is a one year diploma course in JD Institute that enables the students to hone their skills. For those who want to focus on this as a career, it can be very helpful if you want to gain more knowledge about costumes and fashion designing.

  • The program deals with the basic development of the learner’s creativity, theoretical and practical skills.
  • It provides rigorous training on designing and illustration.
  • Enables in-depth learning and practical enhancements such as pattern making, garment construction, draping, etc.
  1. Diploma in Fashion Design

Fashion Design a one year Diploma course provides a detailed oriented practical training. With Fashion Designing, it will help you build your brand and also helps you to understand the dynamic trends in the fashion industry.

  • Learners will get a chance to display their collections on the runway.
  • Learners will be taught from the very basics.
  • This program will help you create your own collection
  1. Diploma in Fashion Business Management

This one year diploma course is for those individuals who are serious about building a career for fashion brand management. The program prepares you to go through extensive training before you step foot in the world of fashion.

  • This course will provide you with all the necessary training that is required in the fashion industry.
  • This course will help you think strategically.
  • Learners will have a clear view of the fashion industry such as the media, trends analysis, clientÂs behaviour, business practices.