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Top 5 water purifiers in India for your home (October 2023)

Water Purifiers are the simplest way to keep yourself disease-free. It is the world’s prime medicine for all of us.…

Top 5 water purifiers in India for your home (October 2023)

Top 5 water purifiers in India for your home (October 2023)

Water Purifiers are the simplest way to keep yourself disease-free. It is the world’s prime medicine for all of us. Water is the basic fluid essential for human survival and drinking pure water to keep yourself free from diseases would be a blessing. water purifiers ensure that you get pure and clean drinking. It guarantees us to provide bacteria-free water. Good water purifiers eliminate salt, suspended particles and microbes and retain their vital vitamins and minerals. To remove the harmful contaminants, and to improve the taste, smell and visual outlook of your drinking you should definitely go with a water purifier. There are a number of purifiers present in the market, so it will be not easy for you to choose the right one, therefore, to help you out, we bring a list of the best 5 water purifiers so that you can choose the best one. 

What to look for before buying water purifiers? 

Water source quality:  The quality of the sources matters the most, not every water source has similar contaminations, if you choose the wrong water purifier it results in over-purified or under-purified. Both will damage your health. Thus before buying a water purifier, one needs to check about water quality so, that it will not create chaos after buying it.

Storage capacity and purification speed: Another thing to check is the storage capacity and what would be the overall purification speed of the water filters. Choosing the right storage capacity can help you save money and space but still, check the size smartly so you would not face any issues. 

Filtration Process: Various kinds of impurities are present in the water, so you must choose a water purifier that has an effective filtration process that can provide you with perfect fresh and safe water.

Purification technology: It is the most important one to choose the device with the appropriate purification technology. In addition, there are water purifiers available in the market which provide you with a combination of two or all three processes. Select the best water purifier that suits according to your preferences and requirements.

Filter replacement:  Almost all the purifiers work similarly, however, you need to check the service model that replaces the filter when it is clogged. Check the servicing for filter replacement because if it’s not replaced at the right time, it won’t be able to purify the water.

Budget: one of the most compulsory factors to look for before buying water purifiers is the ‘budget’, you need to buy the water purifier according to your budget availability. Most importantly, water purifiers evolve as technological advancement, so it can be expensive, also you have to pay an extra amount to replace an absolute filtration system.

Pureit Max Water Saver 10 L RO + UV + MF Water Purifier with Eco Recovery Technology  (Black, White)

For your safe, clean and pure drinking, one must choose Pureit ro uv mf water purifier with excellent ECO recovery technology through which you conserve large quantities of water. It has a filtration capacity of 24L/hr, with a 6000L purification capacity. This pureit water purifier fortifies water with necessary minerals, such as calcium and magnesium because it is equipped with a minerals enhancer cartridge. It has a high storage capacity of up to 10 L, and a smart sense indicator is also available which will notify you 15 days before filter expiration and stop the water supply if the filter has not been changed. The Price of this smart purifier would be INR 12, 999. 


  • It can save excessive amounts of water.
  • It will provide you the fresh foods due to its membrane protector features.
  • It will be easy to use because of its available accessories.


  • It is non detachable storage water tank.

Customer Rating: 4.7

Aquaguard Ritz 5.5 L RO + UV + MTDS + SS Water Purifier Active Copper & stainless steel tank  (Black)

This aquaguard water purifier Black, has the feature of membrane life enhancement that will improve the efficiency of the water purifier and will maintain the overall life. This water purifier will provide 6000L of purification capacity. Also gives the benefits of auto start and auto shut-off features with overflow protection. Additionally, you will get a taste adjuster, it will go according to you only. This water purifier is fortified with essential minerals of active copper and zinc. This water purifier will provide a beautiful appearance in your kitchen with its unique looks.  The price of this water purifier would be approx 16,199.


  • This is a stainless steel water purifier you can save it from rusting.
  • This is also suitable for areas with water shortages.



  • No alarm facilities are there.

Customer Rating: 4.1

Blue Star Excella 6 L RO + UV + UF Water Purifier  (White)

There is purification technology of  RO UV UF,  which uses many filters to remove salts & microbes in multiple stages which ensures you with clean and fresh drinking water. The more the capacity, the more the users can be served drinking water it will provide the 6L capacity of conservation. You will also get an indication for purification on, power on, and tank full. The RO membrane is also there to improve efficiency. The price for this water purifier would be around INR  7,199.


  • Installation accessories will provided.
  • This water purifier would be cost-efficient 


  • Physical damages are not covered in the warranty.


Customer Rating: 3.7 

V-Guard Zenora RO+UV+MB 7 L RO + UV + MB Water Purifier  (Black)

The V-Guard water purifier not only helps you purify your drinking water by reducing impurities but also enhances the taste so that you can drink fresh water. With a tank capacity of up to 7L, this water purifier ensures that you have a ready supply of purified drinking water even during long power cuts. Moreover,  the three-stage purification process ensures that the water is free from impurities, suspended solids, and other particulate matter. The antimicrobial pre-carbon GAC in this water purifier eliminates excess chlorine, bad smell, and organic impurities from your drinking water. The price of the water purifier would be INR 8, 899.


  • It is equipped Prefilter with a large dirt-holding capacity. 
  • The water purifier comes with an RO membrane for smooth functioning.


  • It has non detachable storage tank.

Customer Rating: 4.3 

KENT ULTRA STORAGE 8 L UV + UF Water Purifier  (Blue)

Safeguard your family from the hazards of infected drinking water by bringing home the Kent uv uf water purifier. This required kitchen appliance features a Double Purification Process, Computer Controlled Operation, and a Wall-mountable Design to offer you safe drinking water. This water purifier has a detachable storage tank which can ease the cleaning process. It has 8L of purification capacity and filtration capacity is 60L/hr. So, it stores sufficient clean water for a small family and domestic requirements. The price would be 7,450.


  •  It has a detachable storage tank.
  •  Auto shut-off feature is present. 


  • It has no auto-start and overflow protection feature.
  • No alarm setting is provided.

Customer Rating: 4.0 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. How should a water purifier be cleaned?

Water purifiers can easily be cleaned by using a soft brush or sponge, and scrubbing the tank’s inside with the cleaning solution. Pay close attention to any gaps and corners where dirt may gather. Rinse with clean water very carefully to get rid of soap residue.  

Q2. How often should the replacement of filters be required in my water purifier?

The filter replacement is based upon the frequency but in approximately 6 to 12 months it can be changed. It depends upon the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Q3.  Is water purifier energy intensive?

In recent days, due to modernisation water purifiers are energy efficient, thus they cannot use a lot of electricity.

Q4. What distinguishes UF, UV, and RO purification from one another? 

In general, UF filters out physical pollutants, UV deactivates bacteria, and RO eliminates dissolved impurities. Thus three of them have differences in functions.

Q5. Do water purifiers require maintenance?

Yes, maintenance would be definitely required for its better functioning and to acquire fresh water drinking.