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Travel Blogger Ishita and Rahul Is Taking “The Street Stalkers” To Next level

Travel Blogger Ishita and Rahul Is Taking “The Street Stalkers” To Next level

Ishita who works as an IT Engineer in a reputed MNC in Gurgaon has only weekends off, and Rahul who is into A Business of Medicines and additionally doing Print Shoots for some prominent Websites like Flipkart & Amazon could also only spare a little time over weekends. She is really fond of writing and capturing every tiny bit into a plethora of words, and he would try and capture the words and emotions into clicks which would later remind them of the beautiful moments spent together that they would cherish all life long. 

Little did we know, these stalking skills combined with the joint love for writing and photography would bring us here, where people like us, would actually take a cue from us before visiting any place. From cozy cafes to happening markets, to latest styles in budgets, to buying quality brands, we have done it all. 

Coming from a small town, and recently moved to a metro city like Gurgaon, we too were fascinated by the stuffs this place has to offer, so many malls, so many clubs, whereas back in our hometown Ambala, we do not even have one mall, Incase we ever wanted to buy something branded, we would either order it online, or head to Chandigarh which is at an hour's drive to sot-he our shopaholic souls. 

We used to spend a lot of time, fascinated by the enormous place Delhi/NCR was, be it the lanes of Sarojini, or be it the street food from Chandni chowk, be it finding peace at Bangla sahib gurudwara, we would be always glued to stalking new places in the town to visit, and then spending our weekends to visit them. 

While in the initial days, we would just write notes on Facebook along with our pics for people to take cues and enjoy, and not just get bored in the hassle of the process. 

We had very humble beginnings. Someone from our friend circle at Facebook once shared a couple influencer's picture with us, who would travel the world together. 

We were struck with this idea. We so wanted to do all of this. But we did not have the time, money, resources or any guidance to start. 

But we had the determination. So we began. Simple pictures with the phone. nothing big. Researching a lot and probably watching all videos on youtube on how to become a blogger. 

We were from a town, where people still do not know, what a blog is. So all we had to start was a youtube channel. We had very limited time, but we were in a happy space using that time to do, what made us happy. 

Both of us, from the very start, was very fashionable, trying new trends or curating worthy looks using affordable brands or stuff from flea markets. Slowly, we started posting pics on Instagram, simultaneously on facebook, trying to reach as many people as we could. 

The response was slow, but we were happy. We hit around 500 followers on Instagram. We were getting the game. We thought to invest in a good DSLR was the need of the hour, so we spent whatever savings we had, and bought one, and creating more content.

We were no professionals, but we were trying to be a creator and were passionate enough to use whatever resources and time we had to our best possible way. 

One of our pictures got featured on a page called 'ITSTHELOVEPROJECT" wherein people shared their love stories. The page had around 60k followers around 600 pics and our picture got 13k likes and comments. That was insane. It motivated us way too much, and we decided to begin the blog on a very serious note. Next few months, we spent a lot of time on shoots, trying to reach out to brands, big small all kinds, and tried to be consistent and jug-led between work and our little piece of adventure. 

No brand would agree to work with us, initially but that did not deter us. We spent a lot of money and resources and kept creating content. 

We started sourcing from a few smaller brands on Instagram, and would create content. 

Slowly, the follower count started to grow. We felt motivated and worked more. God was in our favor and things started to fall in place. 

We were reached out by a very famous watch brand, and we were thrilled. That was our first paid collaboration. 

We have worked our asses off to reach where we are today, slogging every possible minute we could in the last 3 years that we have been blogging for. 

We started attending events and started meeting more new people from the industry. Some became friends, and others envious of the work we are doing. So a lot of hate and people from the same fraternity wouldn't meet us at the events and would just boycott us. We have been bullied a lot. But we have never let that affect us in any manner. 

Watching us get all the love from our Social Media Family was what some people dint like & started Bullying us & making fun of us Public-ally but we never lost hope & kept sailing in the ship because of we always so much support & encouragement from our Lovely Audience. We are blessed to be The Street Stalkers & still working hard towards creating Good Content for the youth & influencing them in all the positive way.

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