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Travel Influencer Hardeep Singh Is spreading Punjab’s rich culture worldwide

Travel Influencer Hardeep Singh Is spreading Punjab’s rich culture worldwide

Success is never defined by words instead it speaks volumes. An epitome of success, Hardeep Singh is not only an inspiring businessman but also is an intellectual and fun-loving individual who loves traveling, dancing and is a fine orator too.

Hardeep's philosophy of life is to dream big and work accordingly to chase those dreams. When comes to the work front, he never gets satisfied easily and this quality in him makes way for perfection. He owns a company 'Pure Bhangra' and he is receiving accolades from all corners since its inception nine years back.

His company is a brand in celebrity management and performance artist. In the past nine years, his company has hosted a lot of events of hundreds of stars from Bollywood and the Punjab film industry.

He is known for spreading the rich and vibrant culture of Punjab. His company 'Pure Bhangra' did several events across India. Pure Bhangra remains the first choice in Punjab for government events. His artists have expertise in performing the Punjabi folk dance Bhangra and Gidha.

Hardeep soon is organizing the biggest Punjabi concert in the Middle East to titled as Bhangra Fest. The name itself donates that it will be a blend of music and dance and the audience will get enthralled by the rocking Punjabi performances.

Entrepreneur Hardeep runs the full-fledged business of interior designing. His company holds top clientage in Punjab including a few from the entertainment industry. When asked about his interior designing business he said, “It is all about being creative. I love designs, I love a beautiful home, I love my house to be perfect, hence I give my heart while I design the house of my clients.”

Talking about the biggest fest of the Middle East, Hardeep said, “The idea behind it was to spread the culture of Punjab and Punjabis in a grand way. There will be music, dance, and food. Punjab has a rich culture and this fest is all about the same. Noted personalities from across India will take part in the event and I am excited about it.”

As Hardeep is closely linked to the entertainment industry, he was asked if he is planning to turn a producer in the entertainment industry and he said, “It is in my cart but a lot of brainstorming has not been done yet. I have had received several projects but nothing convinces me strongly to get associated to it. But yes, I am open to it and if in future something convincing comes to me, I will for sure grab the opportunity.”

Hardeep is a traveler and he can ditch almost anything to travel places. He loves to explore the world and he majorly visits places that have been left ignored. He has traveled to various countries and gained some or the other experience from each place he visited.

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