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Travel Influencer Mikayla Keep and Gaige Is Travelling The Untravelled Road

Travel Influencer Mikayla Keep and Gaige Is Travelling The Untravelled Road

Duo’s philosophy of life is "Go where you feel most alive" and they adhere to this rule. At a very young age, they have traveled almost every corner of the world. They not only visit the place but also shares in their blog posts about what is best about that place. Their sincere review about a particular place helps travelers from all across the globe in knowing about the destination.

This duo crossed all the hurdles coming their way just to fulfill their passion for the excursion. The nomadic life attracted the couple to a level that Mikayla and Gaige didn’t even hesitate before selling their properties in order to start their life adventures.

Mikayla Keep and Gaige have a huge fan base of their blog posts and millions of people visit their blogs. Both of them finds traveling fun and they are the master of several languages that they have learned meeting new people.

Nowadays people hardly get time for going places as everyone is busy earning more and more. But Mikayla Keep and Gaige blogs and their beautiful memories have inspired thousands of people to take short breaks out of their busy schedules and travel the world.

Asked about how they thought of making this as their passion, Duo said, "Travelling, making new friends and meeting different people are my all-time favorites. When I was a kid, I used to ask my parents to take me to places during my vacations. I love adventure and I hate to sit at home and spend my day. The idea of writing a blog came from one of my friends who asked me to review the place wherever I used to visit. So it all started here."    

They are so famous now that people from various countries invite them to visit their place and write a positive review about the same. Their content flashes at the top on the digital mediums. They are as popular on social mediums as in person. They have millions of followers on various social platforms.

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