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'Trump Sena' to support BJP candidates, New Outfit formed to stop migration of Hindus from West UP

'Trump Sena' to support BJP candidates, New Outfit formed to stop migration of Hindus from West UP


Inspired by US President Donald Trump’s decision to bar immigration from Muslim countries harbouring terrorists, Hindu youths have formed ‘Trump Sena’ to stop migration of Hindus from western Uttar Pradesh. ‘Trump Sena’ has also decided to support BJP in the state. To begin with, it started with a show of strength at BJP President Amit Shah’ rally on Friday today at Pilkhuwa, a town which falls under Dhaulana assembly seat in Hapur district from where BJP has fielded its four-time MP, Dr. Ramesh Chand Tomar. Hapur is barely 40 kms from the national Capital of Delhi. 

Incidentally, in his speech Amit Shah called as a strong President who has decided to fight directly all those supporting and harbouring terrorists mentioned. He said Prime Minister Narendra Modi was also a strong leader and he will take all steps to safeguard Hindus. He said this while raising the issue of migration of Hindus from western Uttar Pradesh.

Dhaulana seat has been in the news after BJP MP and firebrand Hindutva leader Yogi Adityanath said in his rally in the constituency a few days back that Hindus are being forced to migrate from western Uttar Pradesh which is likely to convert west UP into second Kashmir. Same day Election Commission ordered FIR against Dr. Ramesh Chand Tomar for allegedly inciting communal tensions after he said that “he will not let Dhaulana assembly seat turn into Maulana assembly seat”.

According to ‘Trump Sena’ volunteers: “Trump Sena has been formed to end atrocities being committed on Hindus in western UP. Hindus are being forced to leave their properties behind and migrate. We are inspired by what US President Donald Trump is doing. We also support Yogi Adityanath for giving a call to end migration of Hindus from western UP. We understand Dr. Ramesh Chand Tomar’s concerns how demography of assembly segments in western UP is being systematically changed to suppress Hindu community. Therefore Trump Sena has been formed to stop all this.”

“Trump Sena volunteers will pan out in entire state starting from western UP and assure Hindus that we are with them. Anyone getting threats from anyone to migrate can contact us. We will stand behind them and given them full protection. A lot of youths are joining us every day and soon we will become a formidable force and not let atrocities committed on Hindus. We will mobilize youths and also start campaign against ‘love jihad’,” volunteers said.

Trump Sena volunteers, in their justification, also said when Maulanas can issue fatwas to support Muslim candidates, we also can ask people to support BJP and Hindu candidates. When Hindus are being threatened, we have all the right to stand for them. Only BJP can come out in support of Hindus and therefore we are supporting its candidates. We will travel to all parts of Uttar Pradesh and seek votes for BJP, volunteers added."

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