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Trying to elevate the Hip-Hop Scene in India: Dj Felix

With the growth of Hip-hop lovers in India, there’s a huge shift that we have seen in recent times of how Hip-hop is slowly growing in the hearts of people. There are many who are helping in growing the Hip-Hop scene in the country, amongst which the one name that shines from Kolkata is DJ Felix. He decided to grow Hip-Hop in his home city Kolkata. “My love for hip-hop grows every day and I want everyone to enjoy it as a mainstream set than a pump-up set which used to happen before”

Dj Felix or Felix Huang Fu Chang resides in Kolkata and has been associated with many properties in the city like Underground, The HHI, Roxy The Park, Black Lounge, and many more. He has been continuously working to elevate the reach of Hip Hop music. With his recent tracks “Jawab De” he has tried to bring up the hip-hop side that can be bought to Hindi music as well. The growth of the music culture is not just restricted to music releases but also performances. DJ Felix is one of those who believe that Hip-Hop is an experience than just a mere genre of music. With this vision in his mind, he started the Hip-hop sessions where he and his few friends take up the same experience to different clubs and showcase the real sense of hip-hop music. 

Kolkata has been a great city for lovers of music, it is able to preserve the culture of art and music which acts as a great catalyst to promote hip-hop since people are keen to experience more things. DJ Felix has been able to grasp this opportunity and is able to grow the scene in the city. With a stronghold in the digital scenario as well, DJ Felix and his team use social media as a platform to showcase what’s in store for the people around. With the passing days, he has got support from a lot of artists and people which motivates him to do more. His new collaboration with a great hip hop star Bella is underway at the moment and expects to be released this December itself. 

Website: www.djfelixofficial.com

Instagram : www.instagram.com/djfelixofficial/


By TIS Staffer
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