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Tu Hi Meri Jaan: Express Heartfelt Love with Sayyed sohel torvi’s Romantic Song

Tu Hi Meri Jaan: Express Heartfelt Love with Sayyed sohel torvi’s Romantic Song

"Tu Hi Meri Jaan" is a romantic and hip-hop song by Sayyed Sohel Torvi. The artist describes heartfelt love for his partner in this song, and the singer has aptly put the Indian expression of families, especially couples, into the lyrics as a songwriter.

The songs main lyrics include "?? ?? ???? ??? ?? ?? ?????? ?? ?? ????? ?? ??????..." which means "You are my life, you are my soul." The song is meant for couples that understand Hindi, Urdu, or Punjabi. 

In between the 2:36 minute song, you would also encounter a hop-hop beat that matches quite interestingly with the background music. If you are waiting for the best song to play and propose to someone, this would be it.
The song is repeatable even without another person in the room, i.e., while remembering an ex-girlfriend or partner. Couples that have recently separated can recall the good memories of their marriage and even share moments while dancing to the tune of this song.

Alternatively, the song would work perfectly for long road trips, especially to express gratitude for a partner in the family or reignite lost love. Moreover, the song is also meant to express a youngster's feelings in a college or outdoor place.

Students often meet first time in colleges and students. If you ever had a crush on a girl, then "??? ??? ???? ?? ??? ???? ??? ??? ??? ?? ???? ?? ??? ???? ??? ????? ??? ???? ???" which mean "when you walk it seems as if there is an angel. why are you standing so far away?"

The lyrics are very expression descriptive and easily understood by a common Indian without putting much effort. The songwriter and singer Sayyed beautifully describe women and portrays them as angels in the song.
In India, people in a relationship or a boy/man attracted to a girl often refer to her as an angel or goddess because they resemble the highest level of beauty. The song is meant for youth, middle-aged, and elderly citizens who have love in their hearts and want to express it openly. 

In his song, the singer also mentions that he knows the angel has fought with many to be with him. Sayyed understands that in India, having a girlfriend is not easy because of the cultural mentality and feels sorry for the fights that women/girls have to put up with every day.

- By Shivam Madaan

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