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Turning her dreams into reality | Rebecca David logan benn

Turning her dreams into reality | Rebecca David logan benn

Dreams are limitless and they must be without any boundary. Life is full of curiosity and dreaming just oomph up the adventure every second.
Women in India have become more independent than ever now. However they were never inferior but was treated unequal and inferior.

Although things are still ill for some women out there but there's always some inspiration waiting to motivate all the needy ones who just need a start up in their life.

This woman from chattisgarh , Rebecca David logan benn is actor, model, anchor, social activist and officer in state government. Apart from it she is a reporter , kathak dancer and a yoga trainer. Look like she is the bundle of talents and she is still discovering her different passions.

Rebecca david logan who is forty five years wants to serve the nation as she is really patriotic . The woman feels humanity is the key which should be present in everyone as a basic concern and this shouldn't be any privilege for anyone.

Rebecca wants to be successful as a model and actor in future. Also working for the nation is her utmost priority . She has worked as a coach in the state academy also. Completed her education from chattisgarh itself , she has won many beauty pageants also.

Rebecca david logan is really passionate about her dreams and feels that its really important to make time for the hobbies and passion that one dreams of with no bar of age , caste & creed. Empowerment of women is her major concern and because of the inferiority of women at different field she wants to make it happen that women feels independent , just because of it she is also working in the welfare of women.

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