Turning imagination into reality: Zeenat Kureshi

Diva Di Lusso Interno, an interior design
The company was founded by Zeenat Kureshi in October 2010. But she started her company in this field in the year 2004under the name Diva Interiors. Zeenat Kureshi belongs from Delhi and has been working hard to build her strong presence in the interior design industry and is succeeding in doing so flawlessly. She has been following her passion by working as an interior designer and is doing exceedingly well at it. She has turned her company, Diva Di Lusso Interno into a well-known brand across the masses.

Zeenat has been deeply involved in a number of valuable projects. She is the director of Diva Di Lusso, Diva Casa Furniture, Kidzzkart, Akira Traders & Exporters, and Akira Welfare Foundation. Her offices are based in Punjabi Bagh West, Rama Road, Moti Nagar.

One feels comfortable in the place they build when it is exactly as they imagined. They do all kinds of Interiors and furniture. Zeenat does exactly that with her team. She turns your imagination into a beautiful reality. Her motto is: “Let your imagination run amok.” Zeenat Kureshi lives in Shalimar Bagh, Delhi. It provided opportunities for her to showcase her abilities to the world and what she brought to the table in the realm of a lavish way of life. Innovativeness and innovation, style and usefulness, quality and development: an uncommon blend of variables, alongside an essential vision, has added to the enduring progress of ZEENAT QURESHI.

Zeenat has begun her journey to the design of people groups’ fantasy homes and places. It didn’t take her long to acknowledge how divided the business was and the way elements like distinguishing the right experts, organizing assignments, and it was looked at by a larger number of people to guarantee fair cost and quality. It is currently the most trusted brand for complete home interior planning and remodeling for a huge number of property holders.

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