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Tushar Rayate with NextgenDigiHub brings Digital Marketing to rural areas

Tushar Rayate with NextgenDigiHub brings Digital Marketing to rural areas

Catering to his passion for doing something different from the masses, Tushar Rayate entered the field of Digital Marketing and made it a way to help the unprivileged learn and grow more. Understanding the knack of creating an online presence, Tushar Rayate acknowledges the craft he works at highly and with every passing day strives to make it better.

The originator of the digital marketing organization and institute, Tushar Rayate dispatched ‘NextgenDigiHub’ with a dream to teach individuals from provincial and rural zones who are obscure to the advantages that the advanced development can accumulate. His understudies find out and learn in-depth about the concept of digital marketing and as well as acquire an alternative to seeking a job in a similar field.

Stating the impact of digital marketing on the masses, Tushar Rayate says, “Digital marketing is a valuable asset to your business’s growth and helps you establish an authoritative online presence. It can lead to exposure and more sales. One essential part of digital marketing is client assistance. It implies that showcasing specialists construct associations with clients by contacting, answering their inquiries, settling issues they experience about an item, and transforming them into repeat clients.”

Based out of Dhule, Pune, both Tushar, and his firm have gotten honors for being a forward leap in-country strengthening through this system. Being a business visionary, digital and web-based media marketing specialist, mentor, creator, and speaker, Tushar Rayate has been instrumental in molding the talk of digitization the nation over. He lives with the fantasy about associating every family rustic or metropolitan with the cycle of digitization consistently.

Tushar Rayate's Vision

Via ‘NextgenDigiHub Academy’, Tushar doesn’t only train the professionals of tomorrow but also drives and manages brands and businesses to the epitome of their growth. He believes that the two grow together mutually and should reap the benefits along the way. He also yields free education for the children of the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for our country to breathe the air of freedom. Helping the students who cannot afford basic education with scholarships and discounts on the fees, he envisions one day accomplish his mission of procuring free education for all.

Tushar says, “Our soldiers are on the border every day just to safeguard our lives. If by doing this, I could repay them even 1%, I’d feel like having fulfilled a major part of my existence. With time, I hope that I’d be able to increase the diameter of my work but till then every day brings something new and I promise to embrace it in the best way possible and grow with it along the way.”

NextgenDigiHub has basic to advanced digital marketing courses with a practical curriculum with consistent support for doubt solving from the expertise of those who have years of experience at making it big in the industry. From a curious developer to someone who has now known and acquired all the details of the digital marketing world, Tushar has shown commendable skills.

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