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Tushar Yuvraj Kamble, an artist by heart and professionally IT Legend Of India

Life is not that much tough when you have the guts to fight against the odds. Many Indian middle-class people have shown their strength to the world as an emerging talent in various fields. 

Mumbai is a place of dreams where every day, thousands of people come to the city to achieve big in their life. Tushar Yuvraj Kamble famous name from Mumbai who was not born with a silver spoon but he never complained. He made it big with his passion and hard work to make it big in life.  

Tushar is a believer he gives his 100% in whatever he does in life. He is an award-winning painter who has won hearts of many like Yash Chapora and other famous B-town celebrities with his paintings. Tushar is not an ordinary painter he is class when it comes to putting colours on canvas. A beautiful story can be made on his life related to his Painting and his professional career. Painting is his hobby and passion too. He always takes some time out from his busy schedule for his Painting. 

Those who know Tushar personally knows pretty well that his first love is painting in life and then photography. This two thing makes him happy, and he has mastered himself in his hobbies.

He is an IT specialist and works in Dubai. He single-handedly arranges work of five projects. You can call him a one-man army. He has learned a lot in Dubai, especially in IT. He is pretty closed to Dubai’s top names because of his expertise in IT.

What good about Tushar is whatever he does in life he does it with perfection. He never does work with half heart. You will always see him giving 100% in his work, and this is the reason why he is achieved this much in his life.

We recently show a movie on Raja Ravi Varma in B-town. The same story can be made on this guy. His Paintings are just excellent, and he is improving day by day with his experience. When you see him painting, it’s like he is living in a different world were only beautiful colours can be seen and happiness.

It is so good to see an artist who is living a beautiful life by learning new things in IT and enjoying his passion and love of Painting and Photography. He can be the next big name in IT in the near future looking to his growth. Aah! You might get confused by reading this painter, photographer or IT. But this guy has forced us to write on him as he is superb in every department. 

His life philosophy is simple, and he believes in working hard and never left things in halfway whatever he does, he complete that with a magnificent result. He is a man of his words too once he says he will do it means there will no excuse from his side.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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