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According to David Lortscher, M.D., the board-certified dermatologist said “certain beauty ingredients can clog pores which will help acne-bacteria grow”. it is paramount to choose products with less harsh ingredients and also provides nourishment to one’s skin. Nowadays, the makeup we get in the market is either too sheer or pigmented which left the beauty audience in shambles.

While some connoisseurs were fluttering through beauty shelves to quest the rightful formulation that delivers perfect completion and moisturizing effect. Twenty beauty’s got it all. Their formula is reckoned to have enriching ingredients like titanium oxide and fruit extracts which perfectly align to the cult of very few Gen-Z make up that exist till today. 

When asked about the idea behind the formulation, founders Jyotsna and Santhoshi Reddy said,” skin is the most delicate organ in our body. Proper skin grooming is a must for achieving the beat face we all dream about. Hence, it is important to have constant nourishment to avoid breakage and oxidization of the formula that is being applied to the skin. Our formula has a binding agent that acts as great primers to achieve that overall perfect look “. Besides unique formulation, they also outdid the product and campaigns. They have expanded their creative realm by the usage of solid hues and motifs which reaffirmed their style of being so trendy and chic. Not only have they developed unique chemical formulation, but interestingly formulated their retail to translate into a reverie They are the first Gen-Z brand to retail cosmetics in the Indian beauty industry. It is very certain that beauty audiences will fall in head over heels in love with this contemporary brand.

By TIS Staffer
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