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Two Gujarati boys who initiated the “Gujarat Khabar” online news portal to deliver quality news is now the number 1 portal

Sagar Savaliya

Sagar Savaliya Residing in Ahmedabad and Chirag Patel residing in Edar are two very popular and influential journalists. The duo started their journey 3 years back on a social media platform and attracted many eyes owing to their unique way of writing the news. However, they did not gain in enough reward and hence they decided to start a news portal. Back in 2018, they started a Gujarati news portal with the name “Gujarat Khabar”. “Gujarat Khabar” was commenced in 2018 and received lots of good responses from the viewers and three years down the line “Gujarat Khabar” is now a very well-known Gujarati digital news portal.

Sagar Savaliya and his friend Chirag Patel started “Gujarat Khabar” in 2018. Their aim behind starting the news portal was to eliminate the fake news and negativity on social media platforms.” Gujarat Khabar” is one of the trusted news portals of Gujarat. “Gujarat Khabar” is currently working towards eliminating fake news and delivering the truth to the audience. Gujarat Khabar has currently to its credit more than 2.50 lakh viewers. Gujarat Khabar is also developing its various other portals, one of them being the “yuvagiri”. By the way of yuvagiri, it is delivering the content in the genre of business and entertainment. In addition to that Gujarat Khabar is running a campaign #faketak in order to stop the fake news circulating on social media platforms.

Sagar Savaliya and Chirag Patel generate revenue of more than 30 thousand dollar via Gujarat Khabar. The portal has more than 30 lakh viewers monthly and Gujarat Khabar is shortly going to launch its new website which will deliver the content in the genre of lifestyle and entertainment to its viewers. Today with the help of social media platforms, Sagar Savliya has become a well-known digital journalist.

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Ravisha Poddar
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