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Umesh Kakade is a Celebrity manager and Film Maker

Umesh Kakade is a Celebrity manager and Film Maker

Umesh Vijay Kakade is the Founder and Artist Manager of “UK Events and Entertainment”, an event managing company in Pune. He comes from a very small family where his father is a farmer and his mother is a housewife. But his determination and hard work have made him achieve a name for himself.

He has been working for over 5 years in this industry by organizing many top modeling fashion shows, film promotion, music concerts, and various celebrity events. The amount of creativity and professionalism in his services has made him and his company achieve a good reputation in the Event Industry.

He is not only the Founder of “UK EVENTS” but also an Artist Manager, Designer, and Fashion Show Organizer, Model Coordinator, Casting Director, and Film Maker.

He always wanted to be an exception and unlike his brothers never wanted to settle for less. He always wanted to be big and make a good name for himself. He did the same by very successfully assembling many celebrity endorsements and helped many fresh, talented faces to shine. He provides these young talents with opportunities and guides them to never settle for low.

Mr. Umesh has lifted his UK Events and Entertainment by providing its services at a digital level where a large number of people could reach him and he could provide them with his assistance.

He is an established name in the Event and Entertainment Industry. He has great contacts in the Industry which is proof of his success. We learn a lot from him. We wish him luck in the future…

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