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Unilever drops the word ‘Normal’ from its product packaging


Unilever, as a part of its positive beauty initiative, has recently reported that it will not utilize the word ‘normal’ in the advertising and bundling of its products. A report directed by the multinational conveyed that seven of every ten individuals accept that the word ‘normal’ utilized in product packaging and promotions has a negative effect on people. Understanding the critical effects it had, Unilever decided to make it a more positive space in its commercial arena.

Established over 100 years ago, Unilever is a multinational consumer goods company that provides fast-moving consumer goods. Its product categories include savory, dressings, spreads, ice cream, beverages, personal care, and home care. 

As far as the beauty industry is concerned, the word ‘normal’ is used to portray skin that isn’t especially dry or sleek and is unaffected by conditions like skin inflammation or dermatitis. Seeing the word on products and in ads frequently causes individuals to feel barred and unfortunate, as it proposes that skin and hair outside of the standard portrayal are unusual. 

With the move, the organization plans to make a more comprehensive vision of beauty by challenging age-old damaging ideals. Furthermore, the organization has sworn that it will at this point don’t carefully alter an individual’s body shape, size, extent, or skin tone across its advertising. 

While these are simply little advances, they cause extraordinary effects. It’s astounding to realize that brands are finally stepping up to take responsibility for the way they make people feel. As Unilever takes a step in to make a change, it could be thought of as a step towards a revolution. Here’s to a more comprehensive, less unfair future!

By TIS Staffer
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