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Urban Womania Saree: An elegant piece of timeless treasure in a woman’s wardrobe

In Indian culture and tradition, the saree is considered to be an essential outfit that combines the utmost beauty, heritage,…

Urban Womania Saree: An elegant piece of timeless treasure in a woman’s wardrobe

In Indian culture and tradition, the saree is considered to be an essential outfit that combines the utmost beauty, heritage, and refinement. The Sanskrit term Shati, which originally meant a strip of cloth, is wh ere the name saree first appeared. A saree’s 4–9 yards of silky fabric, gracefully draped around your waist, accentuates your curves and gives you the most feminine shape possible. Our mom, grandma, and aunts regularly wore sarees for practically all occasions as we grew up in a household of vivacious women, which left us in awe of this alluring traditional attire. Keeping in mind the fact that Sarees are a valued heirloom for every woman since they encompass feelings and the growing bent of women towards it has led to an upsurge in saree-specific retail internet shopping sites like Urban Womania.


With a distinct selection of sarees available in every region of the nation to satisfy each woman’s individual saree-purchasing preferences, the platform has made it convenient to easily locate the perfect saree for any upcoming occasion. Urban Womania incorporates classic elements into the modern style by taking influence from timeless sensibilities. The brand’s design aesthetic incorporates a glimmer of promise into each silhouette. It honours Indian craftsmanship by selecting classic ensembles made of breathable materials. A company that seeks to celebrate the rich culture of India via the use of outstanding artisanal skills to bring Indian textiles and handicrafts to life. Urban Womania intends to design timeless silhouettes that people can wear and treasure forever.


The brand ensures that only the best items are showcased thanks to its quality control systems, and since it has a direct line of communication with the manufacturers, the brand is able to haggle and offer the products to the customers at the most competitive and affordable pricing. Urban Womania is an outstanding collection of superbly handcrafted designer products that serve as a tribute to the Indian handloom industry. The plathors of intrinsic saree ranges that Urban Womania offers includes traditional weaving techniques of India such as Banarasi, Kanjivaram, Paithani, Patola, Jamawar, Jamdani. Along with the latest designs for fulfilling the requirements of today’s generation to keep up with the latest trends.


Sharing his take on the significance of this elegant seven-yarder, the founder of Urban Womania, stated “The saree is woven using many diverse Indian cultural customs from various regions of India. Almost every state in India has its own distinctive saree weaving method, giving them a distinguishing appearance and feel. Each regional saree is the result of skillful tailoring, unique fabric, exclusive designs, and unusual processes. There are more than 30 different varieties of sarees in India, one for each area, and each one exudes elegance. Sarees bring forth the greatest qualities, regardless of your age, you will radiate elegance thanks to their unmatched beauty and allure.”


The ethnic apparel brand boldly showcases the everlasting beauty of our history and culture with its distinctive geometric shape, sumptuous colour, rich culture, and unmistakable grandeur. The brand’s unique selling point is its 7-day return and exchange policy, which is significantly longer than that of its industry rivals and includes free shipping throughout India. Urban Womania started in April 2021 with 50 SKUs and now has 1000 SKUs with plans to add another 1000 by the end of the year. In order to provide intricately handcrafted goods to female consumers in India and abroad, the start-up works with weavers and craftspeople from all over India. They promise the creators secure working conditions and fair compensation along the way. Urban Womania’s target audience is made up of women who value handmade goods, slow fashion, and other handcrafted items.


The widest selection of women’s ethnic clothing that is both authentic and fashionable can be found at Urban Womania, a one-stop shop. A magnificent assortment of Sarees, Bridal and Designer Lehengas, Suit Sets, stylish Indo-Westerns, and more are available at its online store. It is underpinned by efficient and safe processes from the time of purchase through product delivery and beyond with the intention of providing customers with a gratifying online shopping experience by guaranteeing high quality and craftsmanship across its range. Through Urban Womania, thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises, rural producers, handcrafters, and craftsmen are linked to the modern metropolitan market, providing the producers with new commercial options.


Therefore, whether you are seeking for single- or dual-toned sarees, we are confident a saree from Urban Womania will certainly enhance your ethnic style.