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Varun Tiwari Is Exceptionally Talented and Creative for his Musical and Other Digital Content

Varun Tiwari Leads with Creativity and Talents to Emerge as a Talented Video Editor and Director .
Varun Tiwari has come a long way when it comes to embarking upon the creative industry. Right from adding an impact with his exceptional dance skills, he is equally good in handling the camera and doing all the post-production things by adding value to the video content with his expertise and creativity. The list of things he keeps on doing in his life can be kept adding to the next level. He is a good dancer, a competitive choreographer, mentor, teacher, video editor, director, producer and performer.

He holds so many hats when it comes to the number of skill sets required in any production house. He is also a good mentor and has helped many budding talents to prosper in the creative world. WIth his camera, he has interviewed many new faces and thus giving everyone the opportunity in producing quality videos and helping them to prosper. He left India heading to Australia to hone his skills and was able to create a good impact in the new country with his exceptional dance skills.

He founded his production house called Friends World TV which keeps on making several creative and nice music video songs. This gave him the chance to work with top filmmakers and musicians along with singers and other creative people. Many of the music videos have done well on the social media platforms like YouTube garnering millions of views. His videos were even screened at the International Australian Punjabi Film Festival in Sydney getting applause for his work. His company is even recognized by Australian Sikh Games, 2018 for making some innovative videos through his production house.

By TIS Staffer
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