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Vector Artist Anath Talam creates magic with his technical skills

Vector Artist Anath Talam creates magic with his technical skills

Switching jobs is like taking a leap of faith where you have immense determination and strong will to make your risk worth it. Believing to experiment with his career opportunity Ananth Talam a digital marketer turned vector artist has proven to be a true inspiration for an individual who has successfully gained immense success as an artist.

Inspired by his mother, who aced in the field of fashion designing, Ananth has been an art enthusiast who developed a strong interest in vector art. After which he started researching its procedures and approaches and established himself as a full-time vector artist and digital marketing expert.

Most people don’t even dare to think about having a career in a new field, but Ananth has started a career as a vector artist. He began learning the art with the help of YouTube videos. There is no doubt in saying that one would definitely fall in love with the digital artwork made by him.

In fact, Ananth’s amazing artworks attracted the attention of millions of people. Unlike traditional artists who make art with pencil, he makes beautiful and gorgeous artworks with the mouse. Having an interest in movies, he has created portraits of many Tollywood actors and also have gained immense popularity & appreciation from them.

Sharing his work experience, Ananth said, “ Detailing part has played an important role in making my images look realistic. One can easily become exhausted after the completion of work. But, after completion of work, I prefer taking one day break and starts reworking on it. After which I post images only when I am satisfied.”  Because of this, his sketches look true to life images.

Dedicatedly working for his clients, if any client is dissatisfied, Ananth makes sure to ask clearly a few questions about his portrait. He inquires as to what they didn't like about his painting. However, the majority of his works have received no criticism. On the other hand, he believes that the client should have a strong view of how the portrait should look.

Without parents support nothing is impossible, similarly with his parents support Ananth has made it huge in his field. And have successfully itself as a freelancer digital marketer and vector artist.

No doubt, he is a true example of an artist who is passionate and dedicated about his work. One should learn from his experience and try to establish their own identity in the world.

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