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Vedic Astrology practitioner’s predictions come true

“ The recent events on the global stage as well as in India caught everyone’s attention, an unexpected Trump victory…

Vedic Astrology practitioner’s predictions come true

The recent events on the global stage as well as in India caught everyoneâÂÂs attention, an unexpected Trump victory in the United Statesâ Presidential elections, which went against media assessments and defied most opinion polls has left people guessing as to the actual reasons behind his rise to the top and also about what it may bring in the future.

In between all of the guessing games, there is somebody who claims to have predicted these events with critical accuracy.

Meet Rajiv Narain Sharma 54, a Vedic Astrologer from New Delhi who has been reading the stars for past 15 years. Sharma caught my eye when his press release reached my desk on November  2  in which he claimed to predict not only TrumpâÂÂs win but also his victory margin.

I caught up with him for a brief chat at in Bhartiya VidyaBhawanâÂÂs cafeteria. Dressed in a simple kurta and trousers with laptop in hand, he answered my queries over tea.  Here are some excerpts:–

Q. How did you go about this process of predicting the US elections?

A. I am an engineer by training. Judging, observing, testing and recalibrating is what I have been taught. Getting birth-charts of Trump and Hillary were not easy as there is a lot of dirty data out on the web. After taking a few leads from what appeared to be relatively correct, I tweaked and corrected it by matching it with their life events (marriage, child birth etc.). I based my judgments on their individual charts and the planetary transit they are running, as well as checking with the birth chart of the United States itself to see which leader has the best chance.

Q. How were you able to predict that it would be a close call, but Trump would win?

A. I claimed that the fight would be neck and neck and almost like a see-saw situation. In my prediction I have clearly written that Hillary will get good votes, but not the crown and in the end it was a difference of only 1 percent or so between votes for her and votes for Trump. The planetary transit on the day of election did not favour her, her moon was afflicted that day, and TrumpâÂÂs transits had RAJ YOG. Secondly, according to the birth chart of USA, it favoured a change in power from ruling party as well as a male leader.

Q. What are some of your other predictions?

A. In the past I have predicted that PM ModiâÂÂs tenure will be full of ups and downs and he will face many problems in the implementation of his ideas while his intention may be correct. Secondly, I have regularly predicted the outcome of the past few sessions of parliament. Including the deadlocks and monsoon session washouts. I had also predicted natural disasters/ earthquakes as well as terrorist strikes in 2016. All of my predictions are dated and published with time stamp on my facebook and whatsapp.

Q. So what do you see next?

A. I am currently analyzing the impact of TrumpâÂÂs presidency for USA, India and the whole world and will be out with it soon. I am also seeing partial roll back of this ban on notes leading to grim situation and judiciary intervening soon.

In our neighbourhood, Pakistan may see instability with the possibility of a military coup in near future. 

(Rakesh Nagar is a Delhi-based journalist who writes on a variety of subjects and dabbles in digital and visual media also.)”