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Velvet Vibes brings another beautiful wedding banger Mehndi Te Vavi by Lost Stories and Jonita Gandhi!

Mehndi Te Vavi

Velvet Vibes released its new song ‘Mehndi Te Vavi’ by DJ/producer duo, Lost Stories and singer, Jonita Gandhi. The music video features Telugu actress Simran Choudhary and YouTube + Instagram influencer Manav Chabbra aka Mr.MNV. It’s a fresh rendition of the traditional Gujarati folk track that celebrates the beautiful ‘Mehndi’ ceremony.

Lost Stories reimagined the classic number by incorporating their peculiar sound that perfectly complements Jonita’s soothing, melodic vocals. Both artists with their respective treatments have created a sonic experience that is novel, and sure to transport listeners into a pure festive spirit.

The music video captures the blossoming and captivating love between Simran and Manav. Mr. MNV showcases relatable emotions of longing & the joy of seeing your loved one, making it truly wholesome to watch & experience.

Talking about the song Lost Stories says, “We are so stoked to have collaborated with Jonita Gandhi once again for ‘Mehndi Te Vavi’. Growing up in Gujarati families, we have always been exposed to such beautiful music that we decided to go back to our roots and reinterpret it in our own way. We tried to create a unique blend of a cinematic arrangement with lo-fi elements to enliven the track and elevate it, using our signature elements. We are just getting started on this wedding EP and can’t wait to share it with the world soon.”

Elated with the collaboration with Velvet Vibes and Lost Stories, Jonita Gandhi says,” Beyond the great music they produce, Lost Stories are more than just colleagues, they’re friends, and that makes the entire creation process really fun and such a breeze. Mehndi Te Vavi is one of the first Gujarati songs I ever sang while growing up. It’s a lovely wedding song and I think the Lost Stories touch will keep this track on your playlists all year long!

“I love the vibe of the song so much and I’m so happy that the video has turned out how I wanted it to be. Also, super thrilled to be debuting on Velvet Vibes with this amazing song”, says Manav Chhabra

The collaboration of Velvet Vibes with Lost Stories and Jonita Gandhi for Mehndi Te Vavi is the new bookmark for this wedding season. Gracing the occasion, while matching the delicate sentiments of jitters, love, excitement and anticipation – the song is sure to amp up the aura of the ceremony – in an unmatchable way.

‘‘Mehndi Te Vavi’ is composed by Lost Stories and directed by Sarthak Cheema. The music video production has been done by Native Film. The track is available on Velvet Vibes Music’s official YouTube channel, and across all streaming platforms.

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