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Vikrant Singh Dedicated soul following his dream to become Youngest Fashion Icon from Dombivli

“You do not need to succeed in what all do. If you have a dream, focus, and move ahead and see how it takes you towards the amazement of the lives, which all wonder of having, but only a few can claim.” The words are not just to define the path of success but are the real-life quotes that one can associate with, and herein, this case can be related to the life of Vikrant Singh, who at an early age of 17, when he didn’t even complete his High School. He, at that time, showed some special interest in the Modelling and Editing field and, as of today, is the youngest fashion icon from Dombivli. The start might have been a little slow, but the growth which came across made him one amidst people’s favorite influencer. As of today, he has around 3 Lac+ followers on Facebook and still growing.

If asked why Vikrant’s story is a one to look for, there are many reasons we can talk of, but the one which separates him from others is his way of being a motivation for many such people who find his words and his ideas worth every minute. Like all, he also learned from someone, and this is where it all began: a journey of success and an adventure which he cherishes every moment of his life. He says, “I know no parents would want to keep their child away from studies but for what they can at the least do, is to never stop them from being who they are, the real driver of their desires leading to the future. Even I didn’t get all that support at the start, but with time and continuous effort, I reached out to the success I deserved. I must say, the path of success is never easy, and one will face the hurdle, but for the ones who know how to step up and move ahead, will always be the winner of their own dreams and charm.”

Since a young age, Vikrant started to show an interest in the editing trends, and once he started receiving the reactions and feedbacks, he was motivated enough to take a leap and increase the number of posts made. From 1 to 10 and then to 15, the posts started to have a gradual increase and finally led Vikrant to lead a life as he always dreamt of. His fame increased the internet started showing some gradual interest in the life of the Youth Fashion Icon, Vikrant Singh.

What can be best seen here in his life is that he failed, he fell, but he also grew. Every bad circumstance led him to towards the right path, and he ensured that his struggle and his life, all of it could have a count. Where all loose hopes, he stood up and fought for himself, and he created a life which on today is a charm for himself and others around.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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