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Viral Sensation Sonia Thiyam Fearlessly Redefines The Definition of Success!

Viral Sensation Sonia Thiyam Fearlessly Redefines The Definition of Success!

Sonia Thiyam's blogging journey kick-started during her final year of her MBBS Swarovski, Grazia and Popxo. She won the competition for the south zone and that's where it all started.

After finishing the MBBS course, she started pursuing blogging as a full-time career. For almost a year, she dedicated all her time and energy into creating content without having earned a single penny.

Slowly, after one year, she started getting smaller projects that really kept her going & made her want to work harder towards her goals!

There was no looking back ever since for Sonia Thiyam. She was a full-time blogger and a part-time doctor too!

Sonia's success did not come easily to her. She had to make her career decision against her family's wishes and being the eldest in her family, there was a lot of pressure that she had to deal with.

Despite all the hurdles, Sonia has put in intense efforts in her work to reach where she is. In spite of financial instability, she invested in hiring a photographer because she knew that good photos played a very important role in her blogging career.

Eventually, many brands started noticing and liking her content & fashion curation. And soon they wanted her on board for campaigns and projects.

Sonia's approach to fashion is artistic, simple and all about comfort with a smart style. Her mind-blowing fashion sense is reflected through her photos on Instagram.

Sonia Thiyam believes that one should notice and take inspiration from the tiniest details in their surroundings.

For Sonia her job is a work of art; she doesn't do it for fame, for her, it's about creating an impact. She wants to tell the youth to chase after their dreams regardless of the obstacles. She strongly feels one should love what they're doing and make sure to live their dreams!

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