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Vishakha Malukani is the young emerging literary sensation of Indore

Vishakha Malukani is the student of Psychology & published author by fate. She belongs to cleanest city of India that is Indore. Writing has always been her favourite kind of thing to feel better. When she is happy she writes, when she is sad she writes.

Every good writer is an amazing reader you might have heard so her hobbies includes reading at the top she calms her mind by reading different books, then comes writing and then comes cooking in a row. She is a calm soul who believes silence is always the best answer even to the toughest times.

She believes after every dark past bright future awaits for each one us. All you have to do is have faith in Divine & in yourself. And, about writing she started writing when she was in 8th standard. She started writing her secrets in her pink coloured lock diary then as she grew up she started showcasing her words through her Instagram handle & received a lot of appreciation which motivated her to write more.

Apart from her words her voice & innocence are her greatest assests. She receives a lot of appreciation on her recorded poetries on Instagram. She has also worked with Tata Consultancy Services (Gandhinagar). She being fascinated towards social work has worked with Abhakunj Welfare Society as a Child Counsellor. She during this pandemic worked with an online organisation MIC as an educator.

Her life has been full of ups & downs but she believes : “In this journey called Life She experienced when, Something “Worst” was about to happen God reduced that to “Bad”and when, Something “Good” was about to happen he increased it to “Excellent” and silently gave answers of her every “Why Me” situationsđź’•”And, also she believes nothing can be more soothing than being reason of someone’s smile. She has co-authored more then 20 books since last 2 years. By everyone’s motivations & god’s grace her first book was published in year 2019 named “Feelings” & her second book will be launched soon “The Warmth of Emotions”.

This journey of writing second book made her believe that with dedication and God’s grace everything and anything can be achieved. People will pull you down but you need to learn what’s important for your soul. The book is about different emotions be it love, pain, romance, move on, heartbroken, independence and every other emotion one come across in daily life. You could relate with everything she wrote. Authors purpose is to take you to the “Journey of Emotions”.She believes everything happens for a reason.

Her pen name is “Morika” being a krishna Bhakt. You can reach her anytime through her mail :vmalukani1911@gmail.com

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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