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Vishal Oberoi wishes to give new dimensions to photography in Indian Film Industry

Vishal Oberoi wishes to give new dimensions to photography in Indian Film Industry

Bollywood has produced some great photographers over the years. Some of them have ruled the industry and some of them are still their setting examples for the generations to come.

He is extremely excited to be working on his first Bollywood project which is being produced under a big banner. He is hoping to exceed the expectations of his producer and director to begin his career on a high note.

"I am really looking forward to my first Bollywood project. It is an amazing feeling, just like a pleasant dream has come true. I am working really hard and hoping to leave a mark with my work in my first job," Vishal said.

"I have worked really hard over the years to be here and will continue to do the same as this is just the beginning. I want to keep learning and growing with each project I get," he added.

Apart from being an excellent photographer, he is also a remarkable lifestyle blogger. His blogs on a lifestyle of various cities as well as countries have been widely praised. To enhance his thinking ability, he loves to travel and he has been to various countries including France, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

"Apart from photography, I love to do lifestyle blogging. According to me, travelling is the best possible mode to learn new things and expand our thinking ability. I have been doing the same since a very early age and this has helped me in photography as well as blogging," says Vishal.

He has been willing to work with some big directors of Bollywood like Karan Johar and Aditya Chopra to brush his talent further and find a place for himself in the industry.

Over the past few years, he has worked with some of the big brands in the country and has also done some shoots for prominent magazines. Now, he is taking another step towards his ultimate dream of being a big Bollywood celebrity.

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