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Vivek Bhadra, channelizing his acting potential to create magic on screen

“Theatre is the base for any emerging actor, if you are well versed as a theatre artist you are ready…

Vivek Bhadra, channelizing his acting potential to create magic on screen

ÂTheatre is the base for any emerging actor, if you are well versed as a theatre artist you are ready to roll in the industryÂ, says actor Vivek Bhadra. 

Theatre has existed for millennia. It’s one of the oldest types of entertainment, providing insight into our pasts, mythology, and the human condition. Theatre, being the oldest enchantment of the Indian Cinema has contributed to providing an immersive viewing experience for the audience. It is a proven thought that before becoming an actor one must start with theatre to manifest a command over their acting skills. One such producer, director, and actor is Vivek Bhadra who, understanding the potential in theatre, carved his way to the enormous world of entertainment. 

This person from Jamnagar has been known to create content for a variety of OTT Platforms. Having a love for theatre, he has done many plays on various social causes. Talking about his journey and experience, Vivek Bhadra, the founder of Apurnaviram Entertainment shares the insights of his journey as an actor and producer.

Q1) How did you start your journey in the film industry?

I have always been keen on working in the theatre. And, for the same, I started my journey as a theatre artist from Jamnagar,  Gujarati theatres. There I have done many shows which talk about social causes and issues. I have worked in 56 theatres and have gained immense appreciation for the same. Though the starting has been difficult, with time people started loving my work. Raghav Diwan and I started our journey together in 2009, as I had my own Event Management Company. Raghav worked as a magician for the company and from there we dreamt of working together on some big projects and were able to turn our dreams into reality. 

Q2) When you got settled in the industry, how was your experience?

As everyone is very well aware, the entertainment industry isnÂt kind to everyone. It requires a lot of patience and dedication to settle even a single foot inside. I wonÂt say otherwise for me. Continuously bringing creative and innovative ideas to the table, I made sure there was no lacking in my hard work. Owing to it all, the industry offered me a plethora of opportunities to flourish, and hence I could say that my experience overall has been very fulfilling. From theatre to movie it was a very swift transition, and till now I have done two films as an actor but as a producer, I have done more than 50 films. And, currently, I am running my own company Apurnaviram Entertainment.

Q3) Did you face any difficulties at the start of your journey?

I feel that if you are a skilled theatre artist, you will have no problems or challenges. Any actor who wants to succeed in the entertainment sector must start with theatre. You are ready to roll in the profession with ease if you have a clear understanding of acting and are familiar with the minor abilities of acting. If you have prior acting experience before beginning to work in films, it will increase your abilities and help you become the best actor in the field.

Q4) Are you currently working on some projects?

In the last four months, I have produced 4 projects some of which are still in process. I have worked on films like ÂBread with Raghav Diwan, and ÂMetamorphosis which was released on HotStar, and have also done a film- ÂMeri Pyari RachnaÂ. Currently, I and Raghav are together working on many projects for the OTT platforms like Sony liv, Hotstar, Amazon, Jio cinemas, Voot, etc. Apart from that, we have shot together with one film in the beautiful city of Kalimpong that has been one of my most prized creations. I also produced a short film ÂLadies First with my partner Jigar Gori under the banner of Blackeye Entertainment LLP and Chai Stories LLP that focused on the struggles of the women workforce in our country. 

Q5) What would you advise budding artists who want to enter the industry?

The most important thing to hold onto is Âbelieve in yourselfÂ. There would be instances where you would feel like maybe this path is not for you to tread on. But, trust me, it is never like that. There always is light at the end of the tunnel. Your persistence is the prerequisite of the entertainment industry. Never fear or forget to put forth your ideas and work on them yourself even if no one else is assisting you. And, that is exactly how you will ace the competition in this realm.

The actor and producer Vivek Bhadra is inherently passionate to produce content that adds value to the life of people. With a vision to make the culture of OTT Platforms more prominent in the state of Gujarat, Vivek has been working tirelessly to put out a good expression among people. With such a creative and artistic mind at the helm of creation, the revolution in theatre and Cinema is not so far.

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