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Walk through the journey of life with Author Kushal Dastenavar’s memoir “Remembering Ashwini”

The most unfortunate thing about life is it does not stop moving; it goes on no matter what, and we…

Walk through the journey of life with Author Kushal Dastenavar’s memoir “Remembering Ashwini”

The most unfortunate thing about life is it does not stop moving; it goes on no matter what, and we have to because the stars are not always aligned. We are left with no choice  except to accept our life just as they are, optimistic and robust because giving up is not an option, and time stops for none. Along our journey, we get confronted with such situations that are filled with heartache, but how we react to them determines what the rest of our journey through life will be like. The same has been portrayed in the memoir of Author Kushal Dastenavar’s “Remembering Ashwini.” 

Author Kushal Dastenavar’s book, Remembering Ashwini is a heart-wrenching memoir in loving memory of his beloved wife, Ashwini. It is a true story of how a happily married life can take an unimaginable U-turn. Through this book, the author narrated a particular facet of his life with his wife Ashwini, colored with his feelings and emotions tied with unconditional love before and after her demise. The author has disclosed his innermost thoughts with his own life experience in a candid and soulful manner.

The book “Remembering Ashwini” revolves around the author’s deeply meaningful and memorable companionship with his late wife Ashwini until one day, a piece of spine-chilling news hit the entire family like a bolt from the blue. June 2019 was when Ashwini was diagnosed with a brain tumor, a day when their life had turned upside-down. The memoir “Remembering Ashwini” touches upon all those profound moments the author and his beloved wife faced as a couple and as a family of four. They have passed through varied phases and circumstances. He had to decide and act as the head of the family with Ashwini as the epicenter until the day, on January 1, 2021, when after suffering for 18 months, Ashwini passed away peacefully during sleep in the early morning. 

The memoir is a sincere effort of the author that might help the reader ponder over the true meaning of this precious life and what matters by seeing through the lenses of the beautiful life of the author with his wife Ashwini and, more precisely, those prized last 18 months of deeply meaningful and memorable companionship. Those 18 months, from June 14, 2019, to January 1, 2021, were the phase that formed the most enriching, deep, and meaningful period of the author’s life. He realized the importance of life and what makes it worth living, and what mattered. Every breath was precious. The power of silence was worth a thousand words. Self-less love and caring were far beyond words. Togetherness and belongingness were over and above everything. Those moments were deep, pure, priceless, incomparable, and complete.

The immense potential and power that we all are bestowed as human beings and yet the vulnerability clearly defined by the susceptible nature of our life towards birth and date are realized and expressed in the memoir. The book also gives an insight into the memories as priceless treasures that are to be cherished forever in our hearts. The author has projected every moment spent with his beloved wife on how to live your life by giving utmost love and care that readers can experience emotions as they breathe life into the story through the characters’ eyes. The unfortunate and unforeseen events will make the reader share a more excellent range of emotion with learning.

Every word read is an investment for a lifetime with return baggage of understanding of life, unconditional love, togetherness, and care with a new perspective and a new version of some facet of the world that can neither be compared to materialistic things nor can ever be bought.

The author is survived by his two sons Atharva (19) and Adi (14), currently residing at saint-German-en-Laye, a western suburb near Paris, France. Ashwini was employed as a country manager for a Global company, and the author is employed as a vice president in a large corporation.

The writing is engaging, and the emotion attached to each word gives a profound effect on the reader’s mind. The author has left a lasting impression on his readers with his positive approach to life. Delve deeper into the book and walk through life’s journey with “Remembering Ashwini,” releasing worldwide on August 24, 2021.

The book has a foreword by Mr Sonu Sood, the Bollywood superstar, and a Philanthropist.

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