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WDMRCK Exclusive By Young Canadian Model Widmarck Is Creating Buzz On Instagram

WDMRCK Exclusive By Young Canadian Model Widmarck Is Creating Buzz On Instagram

It takes courage to launch a brand new business, Widmarck Emile Jr., managed to do so by launching his clothing line WDMRCK Exclusive, which focuses on street style. It is situated in Montréal, Canada. It is also known as W Exclusive.

Widmarck is the first young model from Canada to launch his clothing brand; he is an influencer and actor on Instagram from the last 2 years. He has collaborated with different influencers and taken pictures for BoohooMAN.

The brand is an encapsulation of winner, determination, motivation, real, confidence, and karma/kindness. The brand has achieved attention and a good number of followers on Instagram in just 4 months which is a great deal. The brand deals in Canada, the United States and is focusing across the continent of North America. The designers and team keep in mind the comfort of their consumers, the fabric takes a lot of time to get finalized for stitching. The main focus is on providing as much comfortable fabric as they can, it should be breathable. This quality of the brand is helping it to get popular in the market in a short period.

Luxury Handmade Tracksuits, tracksuits, jumpsuits, confident collection, bikinis, accessories, and t-shirts are offered by the brand currently. They deliver products in Canada in 3-5 days maximum. 2-3 weeks are taken for delivery in the United States and the same goes for the rest of the world. Widmarck not only presents himself but also represents the black community. He is a firm believer of supporting each other rather than spreading hate, this helps a person grow not as a businessman but also as a human being. Also, he believes that it is good to commit mistakes and have errors as they help us to grow better and also we get to know our capabilities.

The brand is exploring more and is looking forward to launching a more variety of clothes in the future. They believe that it is better to work according to the trend in the market, we all are aware that the world is going through a pandemic due to Corona Virus, so they have launched the range of masks for their buyers. According to Widmarck this is just the beginning and there is a lot to achieve in life.

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