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Western World Loves Night Life & Music : DJ Jordan Miller

Western World Loves Night Life & Music : DJ Jordan Miller

Dj Jordan is born in New York and brought up in California. Music was DJ Jordan's first love right from his childhood. He doesn’t like simple things, so he makes everything in his style with Dj beats. His first music device was Guitar gifted by his dad, inspired by his friend, Jordan started playing the guitar from his school days. He uses to do stage concerts in his school. Jordan Miller was a rock star in school and college days.

Jordan has a habit of creating new things from his school days. He uses to seat for hours to make videos and music by his own on the computer. For him music is life and he knows only one thing in his life that’s music and makes people jump on his tracks. After completing graduation, he joined Full Sail University to learn Music and Films. Jordan learned many things from there, it was a great learning experience for him. 

He started performing as Dj from 2016, and in no time he became a party rocker. Jordan's sense of music is excellent; he knows how to make a great environment for Night clubs. He started giving Night shows for many famous Night clubs. He has rolled the floor as Dj in Orlando Florida Gilt Night Club many times. Jordan has also participated in one of the biggest talent show “Rare Fest” in October 2018 in Orlando festival. Jordan's performance was excellent in that talent show.

His inspiration in music is Martin Garix, Calvin Harris, David Guetta, and Alesso. These people are his Idol of the Dj world. His dream is to work with them whenever he gets the chance in his life. 

He lives life like a Bird who flies all around the world by playing music in every concert and on the biggest platform of the world. For him, life has become MUSIC.

He makes people bounce on his beats, and he enjoys doing that he knows his job to make people laugh and enjoy his night music. Other than the music he is a traveller, loves to go to beaches and wonderful places around the world. He Listens to local music of every place. It gives him the motivation to create his own music hits. 

Jordan Miller loves to live life freely, likes to see people dances on his music. To make your party a success then connects to Dj Jordan, he will make your party a grand success with his music.

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