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What Makes Sarah Hussain So Popular With The Foodies?

Instagram and Youtube content creator Sarah Hussain, popularly known as ZingyZest is a 23 year old girl having one of the most number of organic followers in Delhi in her genre, that is, food blogging.

She started it at the age of 19, while graduating from Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Delhi University. Her first big purchase was a Santro car at the age of 21, which she bought from her savings, and is very proud of. She hates taking money from anyone, even her parents, that’s the main reason she started working in college, and and still works very hard for it. Hussain, started ZingyZest with no experience in hand, not even a camera. She started clicking pictures and making videos with her phone, and in no time started gaining popularity and began receiving branded promotions.

Sarah has worked with Nexa Cars, Renault Motors, Mother Dairy, Domino’s, Lays Chips, Pepsi to name a few. She has always collaborated with luxury hotels, like Roseate Hotels, Westin Hotels, JW Marriott Radisson Blu, The Address Hotel, in India and Dubai. 

Asking about her future plans, she said she might consider having a PR company as she has a post graduate degree for Corporate Communications and Public Relations from Canada. However, right now her plan is only to travel across the globe and make the world see it on her social media. She feels, change is the only constant thing in the world, and you need to keep changing and evolving to stay relevant in today’s fast paced world.

One advice Sarah has to give to young bloggers who are just starting is to work hard and wait. Success comes to those who wait, and work hard for it.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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