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WhatsApp Crashes Globally, Twitter Trends With #Whatsappdown

The popular social messaging application WhatsApp has been hit by a major outage in India, US and UK at around 1:32 PM Indian Standard time. It stopped millions of people around the world to send or receive messages via WhatsApp chat application for more than 40 minutes, which created a moment of panic among many users around the globe.
The micro blogging site Twitter started trending with the hashtag #Whatsappdown within minutes as the Twitteratis complained of the WhatsApp breakdown in different parts of the world. The Whatsapp is owned by the social media giant Facebook.  
Very likely, users started switching their networks fearing that there are some glitches with their internet connection. Immediately, after checking it with friend and relatives to see if WhatsApp was not in order, people headed to Twitter for the confirmation.
The chat services have been hit also in Singapore, Mozambique, Vietnam, and Iraq with some parts of Malaysia and Indonesia. 

Panicked users instantly made memes to make fun of the global chat app, here are some takeaways.
Writer Chetan Bhagat tweets, “First we used to check neighborhood from balcony to see if light has gone for everyone else too,Now we check twitter to see if #WhatsAppdown
Anshu Mor writes, “500 people in India have already died because Whatsapp is down and they couldn’t forward a chain message to 10 people. #WhatsappDown
A Twitter handle named Shashwat tweets, “2 mins of silence for them who unistalled and then installed WhatsApp again #WhatsAppDown
Famous Satirical online site Faking News says, “BREAKING: Family members come face to face and have a tearful reunion in almost a decade thanks to #whatsappdown
The services of WhatsApp have been partially resumed in some parts of the country, but still some users are complaining about the breakdown as they are still unable to send or receive messages. WhatsApp official site has been very inactive when it comes to inform its users about any such outage. It has not been updated since 2014. 

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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