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Why data-driven marketing is Adrian Morrison’s tip to entrepreneurs!

Marketing is something no business that wants to establish its brand presence can escape. Given the prevalence of the internet today, digital will soon become the mainstay of digital marketing budgets and data will be in the driver’s seat. 

This is where new businesses can benefit by being the first to arrive. When it comes to digital marketing, Adrian Morrison is a name that you have most likely come across in the list of ‘those who made it big’. The young and successful entrepreneur has established himself as an expert and is now helping others achieve entrepreneurial success. Meanwhile, Adrian’s business relies on online marketing strategies that are sharpened by gleaning and utilizing digital data. That is a strategy he teaches other entrepreneurs as well as one of the definite pathways to success.

“Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed,” says Adrian. These aren’t just words he utters but he even lives by them. Over the years, not only has he been able to rise up the ranks to become a successful entrepreneur himself, generating eight-figure sales, but has even enabled businesses to reach eight-figure income targets. Now, Adrian is involved in training other entrepreneurs to benefit from the wealth of opportunities that digital provides while also being financially stable.

Adrian’s philosophy is to be adaptive to the ongoing changes in the digital world. “When you come across a new outlet, you have to step up your game and master it before anyone else does,” he says. Data utilization is something that marketers world over are still coming to terms with and it leaves a lot of opportunities for upcoming entrepreneurs to become experts. Whether that involves understanding Facebook ads or affiliate marketing, data can help entrepreneurs streamline businesses and this is what Adrian is teaching others through his own experiences.

The successful author also has a set of online courses and books to guide people on the right path towards ensuring profitable businesses. The eCom Success Academy course is Adrian’s way of showing people how to scale up their business using data. With its focus on using e-commerce as a business model, he educates people on how to study and apply statistics that you get from running Facebook ads and other digital metrics.

Succeeding in an e-commerce venture is no easy task. Adrian’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to keep aside personal opinions and rely on researched data and facts. Businesses can benefit from aligning consumers’ interest in products with the right advertising strategy for higher conversion of sales. When you depend on data to drive your goal, your rate of success has the potential to keep rising exponentially.

However, he advocates a fair use of user data. With privacy concerns on the rise, Adrian also advises caution in picking the data that can be monetized. Even e-commerce companies need to provide elements such as secured data storage and safety in order to build consumer trust. “While you should use data for marketing, you can’t invade people’s privacy for your profit. Don’t trade consumer trust for data,” he says.

What you can learn from Adrian is to effectively convert data points into usable statistics that will ensure customer satisfaction.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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