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WIN Conference calls for push to women’s empowerment

The two-day Women’s International Networking or WIN Conference that concluded here on Friday pledged to make extra efforts to push for women’s rights in the country and ensure their participation in decision-making process across sectors, be it government, non-government or corporate. Leaders from corporate and social sectors highlighted the role of such conferences in promoting women’s role in the society. Kicking off the prestigious event, Kristin Engvig, CEO and Founder of WIN, highlighted how business and politics alike need to understand that the key to a thriving future lies in having women in decision-making roles and work creation.

It is evident that the empowerment of women and partnership with the men has never been more important. Speaking at the conference, which brought together a host of women leaders from corporations, NGOs and politics from India and across the globe, Rekha Mody, Founder of ‘Streeshakti, The Parallel Force’ stated that women and men are on this exciting journey together towards a larger cause of creating a thriving future for women in India. She said certain legislation in recent years like the Inheritance Law has empowered women and added that India would see rapid progress in overall empowerment and development of women. She also noted how political parties have woken up to women’s issues and were now giving importance to women’s issues in their election manifestos and policy-making process.

Shazia Ilmi, Spokesperson for BJP & Brand Ambassador for Swacch Bharat Abhiyan, said said women in India and around the world were now breaking shackles and leading the way in various industries and fields. However, there is a lot more work that needs to be done. Women represent only 12 per cent of the Indian Parliament, a huge gender disparity and such dialogues like the WINConference need to take place frequently that would help in women’s empowerment. Women are endlessly fighting conditioning and they need to have a conversation with themselves and also support and develop other classes in India. True leadership is about creating more leaders, she added. The conference also featured a WIN documentary film – ‘In the Right Light’ – that showcased how people are interconnected and as they connect to evolve, they need to remember to see each other ‘In the Right Light’. The documentary explores stories and the WIN journey through the integrated feminine, authentic contribution, global leadership and by creating together.”

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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