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Workforce Management App “TimeKompas” is winning Hearts of Businesses

The unstable economic condition in both national and global markets has been keeping the industries under constant pressure for a…

Workforce Management App “TimeKompas” is winning Hearts of Businesses

The unstable economic condition in both national and global markets has been keeping the industries under constant pressure for a long time now. It has always been hard for the business units to maintain a balance between cost-effectively and production efficiency. This makes the importance of adhering to a strict compliance policy even greater. The units need to utilize every bit of their time and resources to remain profitable. Workforce management software helps the organization to meet their demands of digitization and increases the production efficiency. From productivity to safety to compliance, TimeKompas takes care of all the factors to streamline daily working operations.

TimeKompas is an AI-based workforce management app that helps the organizations all the business insights it requires to sustain productivity. Founded by Amit, Abhishek, and Akansh, the App performs a wide range of activities within the broader spectrum of Human Resource, Sales & Customer Relations and Project Management like attendance, payroll, staff scheduling, employee performance management, and compliance.

Using a unique feature like selfie attendance, the app has made the employee attendance system more convenient than the traditional biometric attendance system. Especially in a time when work from home has become a part of the normal job description, TimeKompas makes sure that the employees can mark their attendance from home or assigned working location. It also helps to identify attendance patterns so that the companies can effectively manage all the leaves both planned and unplanned. Utilizing this data, management can enhance their payroll accuracy and improve absentee issues.

With advanced geo-tag, TimeKompas tracks the employee movements and ensures all your resources are doing their jobs. A better understanding of employee engagement enables businesses to ensure employee productivity. This WFM app also digitally manages leaves, holidays, PTO, and schedule conflicts using tools like automation and data analytics. It allows the owners to configure the rules for the workers. By automating a major portion of compliance monitoring with PMS, it helps the units function optimally without wasting precious time. The PMS feature keeps track all ongoing, pending and completed tasks. You can actually create project, maintain record of project and also assign task to the employee who should work in that project, unlike maintaining paper records or Excel spreadsheet records.

These features are especially beneficial for companies having scattered locations. Agrees Monica Gaikwad, HR Head at ISC Projects Ltd. which has over 3000 employees at 50+ sites:

ÂAfter switching to TimeKompas, we were able to effectively monitor our teams at all the remote sites. This has not just saved our project management efforts & cost, but we have seen a remarkable improvement in our project completion, owing to better clarity among employees regarding assigned tasks & timelines.Â

The CRM module of TimeKompas keeps a tab on all the sales activities and customer interactions at one place, straight from your mobile phone. It makes the entire monitoring and follow-up process easier as one can set reminders for targets and follow-ups. With advanced sales module you can manage quotes, orders, delivery and payments.

TimeKompas secures the company data with its 7 layers of security. When companies are constantly facing the threat of data theft, this new-age WFM software keeps every valuable data completely safe in its server and allows you to access them from both app and website. What makes it more desirable is the fact that it does not cost a fortune to incorporate this software into the companyÂs existing IT infrastructure. So, it can fit the budget of every small and big scale enterprise.

Its cutting-edge features, cost-effectiveness, and advanced security have already earned the WFM app more than 3000 clients including TATA Projects and few Government departments. TimeKompas currently caters to business at Pan India Level (from Jammu Kashmir to Kerala, Tripura to Gujarat). Bootstrapped startup TimeKompas is already in profit with over 1.5 Cr in annual revenue and looking towards a 10X growth in the coming years.

Poised to launch for overseas market and getting a deeper penetration in the domestic SMB segment, the developers of TimeKompas are dedicated to making the app even more efficient so that it can boost the productivity and ROI of other businesses.

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