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Yakshi Yash, 19-year-old, marks her debut in the field of literature with her book on ‘Nazms’

There is no better way of expressing yourself than with words. Poems can portray all your emotions with just a few lines but leave an everlasting impact on your soul. Trudging on the same path Yakshi Yash, published her first book, “Arzoo Teri Hai”, marking it as her inception in the literary world. Listed on TheBookStore, this book has an Urdu tone to it and talks about life in the form of ‘Nazms’.

The 19-year-old writer is doing her bachelors in Yoga from Kunti Naman University in Roorkee. Being passionate to write, Yakshi Yash always found her solace in reading and writing verses. Her knack of Urdu backed her tenacity to write a book that is so expressive on the lines of miscellany feelings. The book has two parts as of now. It is an amalgamation of some beguiling poetries that she mentions as ‘Nazms’ arising from different emotions. From love and heartbreak to women empowerment, she has written about it all, in the fervent way of words she has. The book is available on TheBookStore/onlinegatha in both ebook and paperback format. While the hardcopy is for INR 150, you can grab the digital one for INR 100 itself.

Being called a published writer at such a young age is a milestone achieved in itself. Having complete family support was a big add on to her long journey. In a place where writing, especially poems and verses aren’t given much importance, Yakshi’s family provided her with the comfort to follow her dreams and work her magic on words. Presenting each ‘nazm’ very gracefully, she has already established herself as a talented writer. Her parents often mention, “She is the little star of our family. We feel so blessed that we have a daughter who works so hard to make something of herself. Her accomplishments make us the proudest parents there ever could be.”

Apart from writing, the teenager can also be heard doing podcasts which could be found on Spotify. Her accordant voice is so expressive that it's bound to touch your soul. Yakshi follows the motto of #loveyourself and  #loveyourwork which has undoubtedly added on to her carefree and yet such a deep personality.

“ ‘Arzoo Teri Hai’,  defines my being with all the emotions I have ever felt. It is without a doubt the closest thing to my heart”, says the writer. Her love for her first book and her desires to write more and continue down the same path is pretty evident. With an increasing fan base on all social media accounts, Yakshi, for certain, is going to achieve the highest grounds of success with her impeccable talent.

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