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Yash Nagle of @pro.facts becomes a top player on Instagram

Yash Nagle

The secret to building a successful Instagram account lies in being consistent. Creating and posting content that is relevant and is liked by the audience is an obvious starting point. But the world is full of talented unique people who all have the potential to make great content. Drawing in an audience and retaining them is where many people fail. Maintaining consistency in quality and upload time helps maintain a smooth relationship with the audience.
Yash Nagle has discovered this secret and runs the @pro.facts on Instagram – which has a following of more than half a million people. The 21-year-old from Indore is a social media influencer, a digital marketer fand is an expert when it comes to accounting management and growth.

On @pro.facts he posts interesting facts that are relatively unknown. Surprisingly, running a successful account on Instagram comes with a lot of hurdles and difficulties. The witty guy delivering fun facts has headaches too, it isn’t a permanent vacation like many belief. Researching for content and then packaging it in a compact appealing way is already an uphill run. On top of that Instagram’s frequently changing algorithm is hard to figure out. And whenever the algorithm changes many pages have to face shadowbans. For the person running the account, it can be very time-consuming. Running a successful account requires 14-15 hours of work on the mobile phone.

However, Yash Nagle doesn’t break under this pressure, it strengthens him, “When I started my journey on social media, internet personalities were beginning to get recognition in the mainstream and brands had begun to understand the value of influencers. I followed a lot of influencers and saw how they started with a small number of followers and gradually made it big through their talent and determination. It inspired me to not only start posting my content but also taught me to not get disheartened if I didn’t have too many followers. Because if I work hard and post regularly followers will come by themselves.”

As a student and influencer – who also has entrepreneurial ventures Nagle has to walk a tightrope of time management. To properly juggle the time between his online and offline life, he follows a strict daily schedule. A major chunk of his time is dedicated to studies and for managing his page.

Yash Nagle has made it his personal goal to make become an even bigger social media influencer as well as an investor. His personal motto, which he would like to pass on is “Do Everything With Full Enjoyment and everything you do will turn out perfect.”

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