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Yashvardhan Sharma- a follower of, “If we can’t entertain, we can’t maintain.”

YouTube is a platform to share your thoughts and your ideology with people. Posts like music, original content and the world are on YouTube. 

Mr. Yashvardhan Sharma thought t use a platform like YouTube to showcase his talents of making original content and sharing with millions of people with people around the globe. From a very young age he has seen YouTube videos and make his own content to show people.

In his journey of becoming a youtuber his parents has always supported him. Helping him in recording videos and posting them online, supporting materially, mentally and emotionally by giving him all the resources he needed to come to the place he is today. His parents have being there for his in his darkest time and showed him the light to help him overcome the difficulties he was facing.

His friend’s who always held his hands on the times of need and became a barrier to protect him from all the bad times supporting hi endlessly and helping him show the right path. His friends slowly turned from strangers to family which he always carved. To him is friends encouraged and motivated him to reach his dreams also helping him with getting the ideas to post on YouTube. 

Starting a YouTube is not hard but getting the subscribers and making sure they like the content and related to them was one of the biggest challenges he has faced. In spite of that he made sure to never give up on his dream of having his own YouTube channel. Being faced with criticism to put an end to his channel motivated him to give better content to people. His friends and family helping him endlessly in his fight not give up. Trying hard not to be a disappointment to himself has what made his so proud of himself to keep holding and keep moving forward.

Youtube not only helps in gaining subscribes and recognition in this globe but also it is a platform that pays good pay check according to the amount of subscribers and likes on the videos. Mr. Sharma found it a good way to add some penny to is pocket along with getting recognised by people and experiencing the things around people. 

Being on youtube has made his in a more mature and responsible person. He being charming and handsome outside has also made sure to make his soul charming. Is thinking has influenced many people to change their perspectives about different aspects in this world. His contents have very rightly proved that the world keeps evolving and no two persons are some. We all have our shares of differences. 

Mr. Yashvardhan Sharma is not only a YouTuber but also a blogger and digital marketing expert. He believes that YouTube has helped him immensely to grow as a person and as an individual. His blog is ‘Viral Dunia’ a blog where he brings news at the doorsteps of people and helping them know what is going on around them. Being a digital marketing expert has made him understand how the world of digital marketing work, at the same time helping him increasing his subscribers on both on YouTube and his blog.

He talks about how he takes his content from the daily happening around the world. He believes that everything in reel life is taken from the real-life and if we look around we will see how different each person is from one another and everybody is fighting their own battles with many scars on their souls. He believes in never giving up and to treat every individual with care as everybody is a warrior.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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