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Young and dynamic Arnav Dubey to showcase his multi-talented skills as a musician and a sportsman

The internet can either make you or break you. When we say this, it can help you in making great fortunes or can result in being the ultimate platform of procrastination. It all depends on how you use the webspace in today’s time. Understanding the many benefits of the digital era, Arnav Dubey is making waves by equipping himself with multiple skills.

At just 13, Dubey is setting an example for all the children of his age. Arnav is currently pursuing his studies at G.D Goenka International School. Paying attention to academics, he spends a great amount of time in other activities that have honed his creative skills. Music being his passion has seen him hitting the right chord. As rapping remains his favourite musical genre, he aspires to release his raps soon on social media.

Arnav is dedicatedly working towards it and is practising Hindi raps. After all, rappers like Divine and Emiway Bantai have had a great influence on the current generation. A true cinephile, Arnav Dubey loves watching Bollywood films and is an ardent fan of mainstream Bollywood music. However, his primary goal is to finish his studies first. Maintaining a balance between academics and extracurricular activities, Dubey is managing his time precisely.  

Apart from music, Arnav Dubey loves to play sports. Basketball has been his favourite sporting game. Started practising the game in school, the guy hopes to play the game on a national level in the coming time. Unfortunately, the uncalled pandemic made things difficult for this child. Despite tough times like these, he has ensured to ace his skills by learning different activities over the internet.

The multi-talented guy has come a long way in his journey, and he is rightly justifying the same with his work. Besides music and basketball, Arnav Dubey loves to play athletic games and wishes to include fitness as a part of his daily routine. Currently, he is looking forward to releasing his musical tracks on YouTube and starting a channel of his own. We wish the young and dynamic guy lots of luck for his future aspirations.

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