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Young entrepreneur Anurag Jasuja winning hearts with his entrepreneurial techs

Anurag Jasuja from Fazilka, Punjab, an ordinary boy having an extraordinary story. A dream of becoming an entrepreneur and achieving his goals.

Anurag from a very young age started persuading his career and working towards his goals. He has an extremely successful fan base with 2 million-plus followers on Insta.

His social media likes and views increased over a million in the last 6 months with his creative and attractive content. His posts are read and appreciated by millions of people.

Anurag Jasuja left no stone unturned in achieving his goals and has worked hard, giving his 100% dedication. When asked about the same Anurag says “The journey was not easy. I had no power backup. Never the less I always had a vision on my goals and always wanted to work hard for it. When your heart has a determination to achieve something, the mind finds out its way to achieve it.”

It would also surprise his fans that Jasuja is a traveler. He loves traveling and has been to a number of places. He has achieved a commendable name in the entrepreneurial world and soon will be rewarded as the youngest and the most successful entrepreneur of the country. His Instagram @Anuragjasuja

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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