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Young Entrepreneur Manish Gandhi's Vision Is Helping Him Achieve Big

Young Entrepreneur Manish Gandhi's Vision Is Helping Him Achieve Big

We had first rendezvous with Mr. Manish Gandhi in Pragati Maidan last week. Mr. Gandhi is more than exhibition and conferences, he is a vision and takes into account a holistic view while designing his business ahead. He talked about his journey so far with ABECL and IHFF in detail to the team. The insights he put up were different and enlightening.

He had a vision of bringing all the fitness industry’s regulators, transformers, brands, and even international events together at one platform while collaborating with Sheru Aangrish for IHFF. The motive was to create accessibility, awareness and maximum benefits for the masses and create branding, marketing and networking lobby for brands. Also, the very thoughtful decision of bringing the international bodybuilding platform right here for athletes where they can compete without spending a fortune and winners can get a pro card too.

A lot of additions have been made to IHFF which has now come up in Bangalore also apart from Mumbai and Delhi. As Mr. Gandhi puts it that what we are seeing and doing is the tip of the iceberg and there is a lot of potential in this particular platform which can bring maximum benefit to all of the key players in the industry, IHFF is still under evolution and it is a never-ending journey to think ahead, plan ahead, move ahead and go ahead!

His message to the fitness entrepreneurs clearly marks that one should not be detoured by social media fan following because that is not your achievement. Achievement lies in a substantial contribution to the sport and sports business you are representing. The energy should be utilized to add value to your real work and promote your work to take it to the common people via authentic sources.

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