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Young leader to Managing Partner, Nishant Shah’s is an inspirational journey

Nishant Shah

From his earliest days, Nishant had a voracious appetite for books and knowledge. Often going through seven or eight novels a week, his parents used to confiscate his books for “reading too much”, a problem many parents today would love to have. More than simply absorbing, he hungered to apply his knowledge. From his earliest days in college where he joined, grew and led Rotaract (a Rotary Youth wing) as a President and even a District Director, Nishant has wanted to lead from the front.

A quick wit and an extrovert, he won several awards based on his language, creativity and presentation skills in college.

Born in a family of businessmen and to a mother who was a teacher, Nishant studied to become a Chartered Accountant. Struggling against misfortune and set-backs in his childhood and young life, Nishant successfully got his degree and eventually even a Fellowship.

Intelligence, hard-work and a consistent work-ethic saw him progress through Citibank, Standard Chartered and JPMorgan, where he was a senior management member and the Head of Operating Risk (one of three portfolios he held). Twenty years after having started his career with Citibank, Nishant decided to strike out on his own and is now the Managing Partner of Jackstien Practices & Consulting International LLP.

With a focus on the future, Nishant consults with a wide range of clients, from traditional eCommerce platforms to Cryptocurrencies and NFTs. A strong proponent of ‘digital-nativity’ and the ‘Right Way’ (a motto his firm has adopted), Nishant has married experience, expertise, common sense and conceptual clarity with the future, a balance that we suspect is hard to find and just as hard to maintain.

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By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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