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Young model Sweksha Srivastava creates strides in the fashion industry through trailblazing skills and talent

Young model Sweksha Srivastava creates strides in the fashion industry through trailblazing skills and talent

Born in the  city of dreams, Mumbai, Sweksha is a young girl passionate about becoming a supermodel and has magnificently emerged herself in a very short time. Sweksha means apni "iksha" who wishes to live her life on her own rules and she dares to dream big.

Coming from an Engineering background, Sweksha believes that when hard work and a positive attitude are put together then it turns into miracles. As a result, she has won several beauty pageants and has done many modelling shows to follow her passion and shape her career in the same.

Being a versatile girl, she is involved in many other activities like dancing, Ramp walk and many more. She is also currently indulged in social activity as a part of an NGO Srijan foundation where she is fighting for a cause that periods are not a taboo and working for changing the mindsets of people that there is nothing wrong in getting periods i.e. "Period Positive".

Believing in the fact that be the change you want to see in the world, she has constantly been working to upgrade her skills and carve a unique identity for herself in the fashion world. Unlike other models, she wants to be identified as a unique personality as Fashion Diva and to be the voice of girls who are shy or introverted. She has been voicing her opinion through different social media platforms and is getting recognised by fans all across. and she has a purpose which she wants to execute using these social media & other platforms.

With sheer hard work, confidence and determination, the young lad has a firm belief of transforming the lives of hundreds of young girls who are either getting deprived of the basic necessities or a victim of this patriarchal world. Through her constant and persistent efforts, she has definitely become an inspiration for the upcoming youth and will touch horizons in the coming successive years. 

She also does not believe in old beliefs which are not logical and do not make sense anymore.
There is a quote which she often says and in which she believes, "If you have to be more,

You have to become more, For the things to change, You have to change, For the things to improve, You have to improve, If you grow everything, Grow for you."

She says if you follow your passion, success follows you. Once Mother Teressa said, “I can do things you cannot, you can do things, I cannot, but together we can do great things”. Believing in the same, she is driven towards bringing a positive change in the society and making her parents and country proud.

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