Youngest digital marketing expert in India- Ayush Nimawat

The arrival of digital media has revolutionized the traditional marketing techniques of India. From factors contributing to the development of the Rupee 255 billion industry, access to the internet stands ahead of all. It intensified the use of smartphones, laptops and computers and gave birth to a new era. Further, Prime Ministers, Digital India campaign only ignited the spark with a vision to transform the nation into a digitally powered economy.

After that it was never looking back, we use the internet for everything, from ordering food online to booking a cab to opting for social media influencer as a profession. Studying consumer behavior through mobile devices, social media, search engines and other channels eased the process of every business and took over traditional marketing quickly.  The process is popularly known as digital marketing.

Acing the art of understanding the target audience and their behavior through various digital tools, Ayush Nimawat, an 18-year-old boy from Haryana became the youngest digital marketing expert in India. His unique personality and crystal clear deposition make him a motivational force on the social media platform. To procure the true essence of digital marketing at such a young age is remarkable, Ayush clenches a good experience in this niche and is now serving as a pro digital marketer.

The digital entrepreneur has more than 3.5k followers on his Instagram handle, @ayushnimawat0. He keeps updating his followers about what he is doing or feeling regularly. But that is not all! He is also phenomenal when it comes to using such platforms to impart values to others. It is, perhaps, the best way to reach out to a young crowd and put them on the right path, he believes.

He is astute as far as his life and career are concerned and, therefore, he doesn’t take his mantle of being the ‘most motivational personal’ lightly. His ideas and advice are always complimented with learning and experience, whether it is his own or that of others. He also believes in holding a practical approach to life, which is a rare virtue in today’s materialistic world.

Ayush makes it a point to advise youngsters like him through ethical knowledge. While speaking about the achievement, he said, “keep your goals practical and keep learning whatever you can before embarking upon your journey.” 

With this straightforward approach, Ayush is creating an online personality that is not just a digital impression, but a digital expression of his true self!

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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