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Kunaall Devmane

Pandemic should not be your excuse to stop growing. 2020 has pushed humanity to accelerate the journey to became a better version of ourselves.

102 years ago, when there was a pandemic of this size, we didn’t have the technology, resources and intelligence, hence the lives and businesses stood still. But today, we have the technologies to perform all the tasks remotely. People and enterprises have to evolve and adapt this change as soon as possible to stay productive.

In an interview with the representative of India Made Sense, Kunaall Devmane talks about his life’s objective to make everyone think creatively and solve their problems. 

Q. How did you became the face of Creativity?

Marketers regularly use number of behavioral techniques to persuade customer to take buying decisions. Experience in working with marketing companies globally has taught me to act creatively and create strong concepts to make everyone think out-of-the-box.

Creativity is not hereditary. It can be learnt. Your brain can be nurtured and taught to think for solutions with the help of your past experiences, and few easily available tools. I have mentored more than 6000 with these formulas and they have seen positive result in their lives and businesses. I have structured these techniques into a curriculum and made it available for everyone on

Learning these tools will give you new perspective to look at the problems. And according to Elon Musk – You get paid in direct proportion to the difficulty of problems you solve.

Q. We saw lot of meme on 2020. But you seem to love this year?

I don’t know of any year teaching us so many things together. Other than kindness and generosity, 2020 has educated us with three extremely valuable lessons.

1. Nothing is permanent. Mainstream business processes have to be discontinued. Involvement of continuous innovation has to increase and be an everlasting part of your organization.

2. Everyone has to learn new skills to survive in the new world. The curve of the infection and virus should be flattened, not the curve of your knowledge. Only people with continuous learning attitude will find opportunities to invest and profit.

3. No one knows what would future jobs and businesses look like. The drastic technological change has embarrassed the ocean full of talent and resources to present multiple unknown opportunities in the recent times. For example, 10 years ago no one thought that SEO/SEM would ever be job titles and no one knows whether this would continue as a job in the future.

Q. Economy seems have trouble. There are job-cuts everywhere. How to tackle all this and still run jobs and businesses successfully?

You are not responsible for the economy, but you are answerable to your family and yourself. Your growth depends on the foundation of your personality and the #1 skill that everyone has to develop is out-of-the-box thinking. We need to find creative solutions for the problems. We have the tendency to only look at the loopholes when they arise. We need to have an understanding and the intelligence to predict the change, and act before it occurs. The education system will teach you basics, but selecting a career and business is your choice, and so is the responsibility of collecting knowledge around it.

If your objective has substance and capability to take you to the next level, you need to develop creative skills to research and draw solutions. Specially entrepreneurs looking for growth and diversifying their business need to develop this energy for creating a better enterprise.

I have introduced this course because It gives me sleepless nights to know that more than 20 million people, only in India, are commercial drivers, and every automobile company is progressing towards self-driving vehicles.

Q. How is the Tree plantation going on? Can you let us know about your goal?

Trees are natural oxygen manufacturing units. Everyone needs to understand that by causing climate change we are diminishing our chances of surviving. We have to indulge in reforestation actions before it is too late. I have a vision to plant and conserve at least 10 Million trees before I die. Till now, we have planted more than 120,000 and have scheduled more 500,000 trees in the next 3 years. We have one plantation event every quarter and I would be happy, if you could participate.

In fact, I am accelerating the journey towards this vision with the course. I promise to plant one tree per participant. That means, with the help of the course, you will not only increase your creativity skills, but also be directly responsible for more oxygen in our environment.

Thank you Kunaall for sharing your time and thoughts. We understand that personal success is only possible by changing our perception to look at situations, and we all need to learn creative skills to cope with unexpected hitches. Let’s strengthen the foundation of our personality today! Visit:

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