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Ziqitza Healthcare Identifies Top 5 Emergencies in 108

Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd regularly partners with state governments and National Health Mission (NHM), to operate 108 Helpline for medical emergency…

Ziqitza Healthcare Identifies Top 5 Emergencies in 108

Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd regularly partners with state governments and National Health Mission (NHM), to operate 108 Helpline for medical emergency for the general public. 108 ambulance services are run by respective state governments in all states. It is a free service available to the public for transport of emergency cases. Anyone who needs an ambulance can call toll-free number Â108Â. The call centre executives record the necessary details and depending on nature of emergency assign an ambulance for the case. The ambulance is manned bya trained Emergency Medical Technicianand a driver trained in first aid. The patient is taken to the nearest Government Health Care Institution for management. The service is also used for interfacility transfer from primary health care institution to a higher centre when patient needs more advanced care. The EMT also may contact doctor on call for advice.

Extensive data analysis done world over has shown that many patients with a life-threatening injury or a life-threatening medical condition die within first one hour. If the patient is shifted to a health care institution within this hour, the chances of saving the patient or minimizing the resulting disabilities are more. Hence, it is aptly called ÂGolden HourÂ.  In the ambulance, first aid and primary treatment can be given to stabilize the patient. That is why pre-hospital care is especially important to reduce mortality, reduce complications and reduce the incidence of disabilities.

ZiqitzaÂs team of doctors have analysed data of emergencies handled. Averaging the data from these states show that the top 5 emergencies managed are pregnancy related emergencies, trauma (road traffic accidents and other Injuries),gastro-intestinal problems, chest pain or breathing problems and interfacility transfers (i.e., transfer between two hospitals). Transport of suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases has been excluded.

Importance of pre-hospital care is discussed in these emergencies.

  1. Pregnancy related emergencies can be fatal for both mother and the unborn foetus. They include severe bleeding, prolonged or obstructed labour, high blood pressure in pregnancy or infections. Unsafe abortions also contribute to the maternal mortality.  The new-born may be at risk due to prolonged labour, low birth weight or failure of respiration immediately after birth. 
  • The incidence of death and disabilities due to road accidents and other injuries are also remarkably high.Head, chest, and abdominal injuries, severe bleeding, assaults, burns, electric shock are the main causes. Wounds can become infected if not immediately cleaned and later can cause severe infection which can kill the patient.
  • Sometimes patient must be referred to a tertiary care hospital since manpower and facilities may not be adequate at primary care hospital. Life savings surgeries for head, chest and abdominal injuries, requirement of blood transfusions, or medical conditions such as heart attacks, life threatening infections can be treated in a hospital where advanced facilities are available.
  • Any sudden breathing difficulty or severe allergy or chest pain indicative of heart attack, are dire medical emergencies and needs rapid transport to the hospital to save life.
  • Gastro-intestinal problems especially severe diarrhoea and vomiting can be fatal, especially in children since it leads to severe dehydration and low BP. Administration of Oral rehydration solution or IV fluids can save life. Similar observations were made by the team at Ziqitza Rajasthan.

Dr. Santosh Datar from Ziqitza Healthcare Limited remarked Âour EMTs stationed in the 108 ambulances on arrival assess the patient and initiate management of the patient on site and during transport. If necessary, doctor on call is consulted to further assistance for the patient onboard. Measures such as management of airway and breathing, administration of oxygen, I.V. fluids, control of bleeding, stabilization of fractures, wound cleaning, and dressing, conducting safe delivery, cooling of burns, treatment of chest injuries, CPR in case of cardiac arrest etc. can save life, prevent complications, and minimize disabilities. We take immense pride that our paramedics are well trained to handle the patient on board and stabilize and increase their survival rate till they reach the hospital.Â

About Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd

Ziqitza is a Âone-stop integrated healthcare solution for the corporate or government that includes Ambulance at Site, Medical Helplines, Mobile Medical units Ambulance on Subscription, Wellness at Workplace, Telehealth Services, Medical Rooms, Doctors on Site and Occupational Health Centre, among others. The service network includes 3,300 ambulances, state of art Helpline centers, and medical mobile units that service 2 customers every second. We work with multiple state governments and 75 corporate clients in India and the Gulf. Ziqitza Limited is Ranked #34 in the Global Real impact Awards and winner of Times Social Impact Award.

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