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Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd. gets recognized by Global Real Impact Award

Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd. gets recognized by Global Real Impact Award

Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd(ZHL), since its inception, has been a pioneer in Emergency Medical Response Services and Patient Transport Services in India. Our vision “to assist in saving human lives by providing a leading network of fully equipped, advanced and basic life support ambulances across the developing world”.

The Biggest Highlight for Ziqitza in 2021 was to win ‘The Real Leaders Impact Awards2021’ based on our continuing positive social impact that benefits humankind.

Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd. rightly fit into this title, as we have been providing relentless and timely s support in a medical emergency, Ziqitza Healthcare services alone has helped save more than 32 million lives, and in the last 6 months, Ziqitza has transferred over 1.5 lac corona patients and handled over 1.5 million calls related to a pandemic for both rural-urban, mass and corporate population in India.

It was almost unbelievable that the world has now come to a near standstill in many respects. These are unprecedented times. Nobody would have ever thought such conditions would exist with all the advancements and technology in the world today? Something like this could not have been imagined in this modern world — until it actually happened. People are experiencing hardships from stay-at-home measures and loss of employment. Severe changes in lifestyle are causing some to suffer greatly. Health care workers are specially placed in dangerous conditions as they care for those who are ill with the coronavirus.

Ziqitza Limited being a total healthcare provider not only had to ensure the services like Ambulances, Medical Units, and Medical helpline are delivered but to scale up to manage additional responsibilities shared by respective state governments in Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, and Odisha.

The current pandemic has pretty much transformed the way India works and has underlined the need for actively reimagining workplace health and employee wellness. Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd. with its vast experience in the pre-hospital segment and EMS outsourcing is well-placed to provide solutions for the Corporate Wellness and Health sector. Focus on Quality Services and Customised Solutions. During COVID Pandemic we have witnessed robust response from the corporate offices, manufacturing businesses, warehousing industry, and hospitality industry and already have signed more than 25 clients in the last 6 months.

Commenting on the award, Mr. Amitabh Japiuria, MD & CEO, Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd said "We thank "The Real Leaders Impact Awards" for recognizing us and our efforts in India. We feel honored to have been chosen for this award. Our long-term focus is on delivering international quality standards in Emergency Medical Services, and on ensuring that quality Emergency medical services are accessible to all regardless of their income. This award validates this focus and our modest success in achieving this. This recognition is dedicated to all our employees who go well beyond the call of duty and serve all members of society. This award reinforces our belief that we are a social impact business where our focus is always on saving lives and enhancing lives."

The company is currently running the PPP model in 5 states and will continue to bid for fresh state contracts in the 108 and 102 space. In the future, the top organized private players would be driving the market through the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model which is expected to attract over a million-dollar investment. During the financial year 2020-21 under review, your Company has achieved a turnover of Rs. 519 crores as compared to a turnover of Rs. 439 crores in the previous year marking an increase in turnover of 18.22%.

Ziqitza Limited has not only witnessed but also partnered with the dramatic change in the EMS scenario in India. Since we have built a highly successful and differentiated Public-Private Partnership business and have introduced several international best practices in this area in India. Ziqitza Rajasthan has been part of this change. The current pandemic has pretty much transformed the way India works and has underlined the need for actively reimagining primary healthcare and response services for the population at large.

About Ziqitza Healthcare Limited

Ziqitza Health Care Limited (ZHL), has been one of the leading players in India’s Emergency Medical Services industry since 2005. Ziqitza is a “one-stop integrated healthcare solution” for a corporate or government that includes Integrated Emergency Services and Corporate Health Solutions. The service network includes 3,300 ambulances, state of art Helpline centers, and medical mobile units that service 2 customers every second in India. Ziqitza Healthcare Limited, Ziqitza Limited Rajasthan, and ZHL Rajasthan have contributed to serving over 32 million people in India. We work with multiple state governments and 75 corporate clients in India and Gulf. Ziqitza is the winner of the Global Real impact Awards and Times Social Impact Award.

For further information please contact: visakh.dayanandan@zhl.in

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