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Zubair Aslam, with his endearing photography, has emerged as one of the finest photographers

Taking a picture has become so easy nowadays that we seldom forget to acknowledge the artists, who capture their imagination with creative stories. It is rightly said that “a great picture is worth a thousand words”. A picture should not just capture the object or the scene perfectly, but it should also narrate a story. An efficient photographer’s photos will always portray a story. This requires a great sense of observation, passion, dedication and imagination.

Imbibing these qualities is a professional who is a fashion and portrait photographer; he is Zubair Aslam. Zubair loves to travel and explore the world so as to get to know the various different locales and widen his thinking along with broadening his imagination. Born in India and currently based in Melbourne, Australia, Zubair Aslam has achieved great heights as a photographer and his unique ability is to capture the “moment” perfectly. Aslam found his love for photography in his childhood when he would be fascinated by some photos and always used to interpret them. So after moving to Australia, Aslam started portrait photography and challenged himself to photograph 52 different faces in 52 weeks, one face per week. After completing this challenge, Aslam gained some confidence to capture something that was not in the frame. He started looking for metaphors and designed the portrait of a normal photo accordingly.

Meanwhile, many kids and young people who were starting out to become a model or actor came in contact with Aslam and he helped them in making different types of portfolios which eventually worked in favour of them getting major screen roles. With strong word of mouth and captivating photos, Aslam took up photography, professionally in late 2016. He also traveled across Australia and internationally in 2018 to capture the scenic beauty of various locales. This helped him in building his social media presence as the followers count soared past the 20K-mark. His meandering imagination has pushed him on the cusp of greatness and he gathered maximum clients in the fashion industry in and around Europe and the US. 

Before the pandemic struck, Aslam’s endearing photography amassed more than 1.5 million followers on his Instagram. His ability to capture candid and ingenious moments has made him excel in the industry and Zubair Aslam has emerged as a successful photographer, whose photography portrays the personified art and image.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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